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Glutathione Molecule

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A World of Toxins

Our modern industrial world is filled with toxins. Car and truck exhaust, tobacco smoke, lead and cadmium in drinking water, mercury in dental fillings, heavy metals in fertilizers, industrial pollution, insecticides, herbicides, medications, and more...

The healthy body has active, natural defenses against all of these insults and assaults.

When challenged or overwhelmed by these poisons, the body can become fatigued, the immune system tattered, the ability to reduce and excrete toxins compromised, and the body physically ages faster.

Food based nutrition can fall apart with inexplicable allergies. The body can become susceptible to both acute and chronic illness. Opportunistic viruses, candida yeast, fungi, and bacteria can wreak havoc. Cancers, autoimmune, circulatory and glandular diseases can gain a start as the body loses homeostasis.

Toxin excretion, immunity, and antioxidation are essential defense processes your body performs naturally, using nutritional resources.

Unlike medications which attempt to intervene, augment and replace your body's defenses, while adding their own toxic load -- our nutrition products support and even boost your body's natural defense mechanisms.

To keep your health processes working at their best, you need to be receiving complete and compensating nutrition.

Meeting all of your nutritional needs for optimal health with the Standard American Diet of mass produced foods, eaten in the midst of a hectic lifestyle, is a challenge for most, a disaster for many.

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