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Glutathione Molecule

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There is a medical term called "catabolic wasting". Your body is dissolving itself to make available nutrients it prioritizes higher than body mass. People starving, with cancer, AIDS, and CFIDS tend to experience this condition, as well as many in old age.

We believe it to stem from a systemic disruption of proper digestion, absorption, and metabolism. When you are young, well fed, and in this state, your body is very likely exhausted, polluted, and lacking in beneficial activity from numerous nutrients.

We strongly suggest you examine your personal environment for toxins. These would include mercury from dental fillings, other heavy metals, smoking, alcohol, pesticides, herbicides and medications.

Elimination of toxins, and restoring nutritional competence seems essential.

We suggest you consider Defense & Replenish Glutathione Precursors to help restore Glutathione and other nutritients for toxin excretion, immune function, and proper utlization of food. You should also consider Glutamine Powder to support GI health and help maintain skeletal muscle mass.

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