Dentistry Decieves More Than Tobbaco
by Jeff Clark

(mercury amalam chunk recovered
after service in a human mouth)
Mercury amalgam dental fillings are typically 50% mercury and a varying mix of silver, copper, tin and zinc. Metallurgically these metals form a solid solution of room temperature metal alloy phases and metallic mercury. Metallic mercury vapor constantly expresses out of this solution and into the tooth, jaw, body, breath, blood and brain of the person bearing them. Chewing, eating and drinking hot foods and beverages increases the rate at which mercury vapor leaves the mercury-amalgam mixture and enters the mouth, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, bloodstream, brain and tissues of the person who's teeth are implanted with mercury amalgam dental fillings. Ionic mercury is released from the mercury-alloy phases of silver, copper, zinc and tin as shiny mercury-amalgam dental fillings corrode and blacken in the mouth -- causing mercury ions to continually travel through the teeth, jaw, blood and gastrointestinal tract of the people who have mercury amalgam dental fillings implanted in their teeth. Mercury is well known to be poisonous as both metallic vapor and as mercuric ions.

The first tool of science is observation. Every practicing dentist has viewed and replaced blackened, corroded, eroded, cracked, broken, dissolving mercury amalgam dental fillings. Based on these everyday observations dentists truly interested in the public's health ought to be asking themselves: "Where has this missing mercury gone ? How has this mercury exposure affected the health of this patient ?"

Over the last 50 years dentistry has deceived more people than the tobacco industry. For as long as I can remember cigarettes have had warnings from the Surgeon General about suspected, yet scientifically unproven negative health affects. Addicted or not, smokers during this time have chosen for themselves to proceed against this warning.

During the same time dentistry has largely concealed the mercury content of their main dental filling, disguising mercury alloys with the calming label "Silver". Most people have not been given the basic facts to know they face a potential health hazard -- mercury fillings have been thrust upon an unwitting public.

Just like with tobacco, the causal relationships between mercury dental fillings and ill health have not been scientifically demonstrated to the satisfaction of those who profit financially from selling them. By all measures this is a controversy.

What is not a controversy are the facts that mercury is a poison that constantly escapes from these fillings over people's lifetimes, entering and accumulating in the body and vital organs of all people who have them embedded in their teeth.

People have a right to know, and to say NO to mercury-amalgam dental fillings.

Join us in the fight for a mercury free future for our children, families, friends and nations.