March 1999 - San Francisco - License Revocation Hearing Robert Christoffersen kicked up a furor inside and outside the dental community when he dismissed mercury- free dentistry saying it "does not fit the current practice of dentistry." Consumers for Dental Choice protested following their stand demanding that the Board of Dental Examiners require dentists to warn patients about mercury's health hazards.

October 25, 1999 - "A Debate on Mercury in Fillings," Consumers for Dental Choice Petitions dentists to advise patients, hygienists and other employees of the potential hazards of mercury. Aim: to heighten public awareness of the states 1993 Watson Law requiring such warnings. (L.A.Times)

December 4, 1999 -"California Dental Board Urges Warnings on Mercury"- Sacramento - By unanimous decision, the California Dental Examiners Board advised dentists to warn patients about exposure to mercury from metal fillings. Dentists will be asked to provide Fact Sheet to patients. (L.A. Times)

December 4, 1999 - "Dentists Should Advise Patients on Mercury Risk, Board Acknowledges" (The San Diego Union-Tribune) "There is nothing more toxic in a dentists's office than mercury, unless you have some plutonium laying around." (Charlie Brown)

December 6, 1999 - Victory in Arizona Charlie Brown and dental health activists persuaded a legislative panel to make recommendations that the state dental board should not be dominated by dental establishment.

May 10, 2001 - "Dentists Battle 'Gag' on Mercury Warning" Suit Filed Charlie Brown, attorney for Consumers for Dental Choice files suit in Maryland's Federal District Court on behalf of five mercury-free dentists claiming "control of dental licenses to punish or to threaten punishment of dentists who criticize mercury amalgam," and seven patients claiming injury from mercury in their dental fillings.(Wall Street J.)

June 13, 2001 - "Suits Filed in Use of Mercury for Fillings" Los Angeles Charles Brown and Shawn Khorrami, attorney for Consumers for Dental Choice, filed two suits in federal court against the California and American Dental Associations alleging they deceive patients about the use of the toxic metal mercury as the main ingredient in silver fillings.(AP, San Diego Union Tribune)

June 13, 2001 - "Suit Attacks Mercury In Fillings" Los Angeles "Mercury is universally recognized as an extremely dangerous toxin... One filling contains 750 milligrams of mercury ­ enough to contaminate a small lake. The ADA is out of the medical mainstream in claiming that mercury is safe for use in human beings." (Charles Brown) (Daily Journal)

June 13, 2001 - Groups File Suit Over Dental Fillings (USA Today, LIFE sec.)

June 13, 2001 - "Suit Seeks to End Use of Mercury in Dentistry" (L.A. Times) "Fillings contain about three-quarters of a gram of mercury..... a person with eight fillings has the equivalent of 6 grams of mercury in his body, a concentration that would shut down a school chemistry lab or bring a toxic clean up crew to a lake." (Charles Brown)

June 13, 2001 - "Suits Claim Dental Groups Hid Health Hazards" "The amount of mercury in each dental filing is "colossal" by medical standards, and exacerbates numerous neurological diseases. He described mercury amalgam as "dangerous before it goes into the mouth" and "hazardous material" when it comes out. (Boyd Haley, PhD) (Daily Journal)

June 14, 2001 - CA Dental Board Cancels Meeting in Los Angeles Fearful of confrontation over its nine-year cover-up of the "M-Word" in dentistry, the Dental Board cancels a meeting in Los Angeles with consumers, claiming it could not get a quorum. An angry Davis Administration responds by sending the Deputy Director of Consumers Affairs to the meeting to talk with consumes and to express its disappointment with the Dental Board. Anita Vazquez Tibau, southern Calif coordinator of Consumers for Dental Choice, confronts the Board's sole representative at the meeting, challenging him to explain why the Board has violated the law for nine years. Instead, he exits ­ more like flees ­ the room. The Board's chief protagonist in Sacramento, Senator Liz Figueroa, announces she will mount an effort to de-fund the Board immediately.

June 15, 2001 - "Dental Board Censured Over Mercury in Fillings" (AP) State officials threatened to dissolve the California Dental Board as the battle over the use of mercury in dental fillings heated up. "I am very frustrated with the board and their direction, in that they have repeatedly not adhered to the law that was put in place nine years ago." ( Senator Liz Figueroa,)

"We are very displeased.... The members of the board do not understand the gravity of this situation." (Lynn Morris, deputy director of the Depart. of Consumer Affairs)

June 19, 2001 - "Group Wants Maryland Dentistry Board to Recognize Mercury as Harmful" (The Daily Record)

"The dental board is {placing on dentists} this huge burden of disclosure." "They don't want people to know about mercury." (Charles Brown)

June 20, 2001 - Dental Board of California's Quarterly Newsletter: NEW MATERIALS FACT SHEET
Notifies members of Code mandating the Dental Board of CA to develop and distribute a Dental Materials Fact Sheet describing and comparing risks and efficacy of the various types of dental restorative materials with revisions that aren't misleading with regard to amalgams, and to encourage dentists to discuss options with their patients.

June 26, 2001 - Sacramento, News Conference A coalition of consumers, environmental, victims, and alternative dental organizations descend on Sacramento, and at a news conference call for the Board to be shut down. Senator Figueroa
presents the bill to the Assembly Health Committee, who ­ with by one dissent -- votes to de-fund the Dental Board.

June 27, 2001 - "Assembly Panel Moves to Pull Entire Dental Board" Sacramento (L.A. Times)
Health Lawmakers are angered by slow response to demand for public warning on mercury fillings. With only one dissent, they vote in favor of the bill and sends it to the floor, planning to re-form watchdog group in January.

Members of Consumers for Dental Choice welcomed Figueroa's bill, calling the dental board an arm of the dental industry.
"They function as an adjunct of the American Dental Assn." (Stephen Rivers, spokesperson for CDC)

June 28 & July 8, 2001 - LA Times The state's two major newspapers, the L A Times (on June 28) and the Sacramento Bee (on July 8) write major stories about the incredible step of actually shutting down a state agency. Both attribute the action to the consumer movement to provide truth about mercury in dentistry.

July 1, 2001 - "Lawmakers Out to Yank Dental Board: A Measure to Remove the Panel's Members is on the Fast Track" (Sacramento Bee) State Senator Liz Figueroa decided it was time to "clean house" when the board last month canceled a meeting to roll out a long-overdue fact sheet on the possible dangers of mercury in dental fillings.

"Consumers for Dental Choice, supported by a group of dentists who oppose the use of mercury in fillings, won't stop criticizing the board until mercury is banned outright. Hartman said that the Dental Board is not qualified to address a question the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has yet to authoritatively answer."

July 2001 - Letters from consumers flood Governor Davis' office, asking that he sign a bill that may be on his desk soon.

BOARD CONTINUES COVER-UP The Board distributes a proposed Fact Sheet that continues to cover up the risks of mercury amalgam ­ and announces it will promptly have a meeting to try to approve it. This sleazy effort of a state agency being voted out of office will, if successful, be the Board's final gift to the A.D.A. and a retributive step against consumers who fought to close them down. Trying to have a meeting that the public will either not find out about or not attend, the Board fails to give proper notice and schedules it at a location (a hotel off the S F Airport) and time (5:00 pm amidst Peninsula rush hour traffic) to keep the public out.

July 12, 2001 - ASSEMBLY VOTES TO SHUT DOWN BOARD The Assembly votes overwhelmingly (66 to 8) in favor of shutting down the Dental Board ­reportedly the first time in two decades that the Legislature has voted to shut down an agency. The bill is sent to the Senate.

July 12, 2001 - P.R. - Consumers for Dental Choice decides it must challenge the Board in court, and try to stop this midnight effort to thwart the legislative intent and the public interest.

P.R. - Dental Board Continues Head in Sand Stance, Consumers Ask Court To Halt Secret Dental Board Meeting

June 14, 2001 - Angry Davis Administration responds by holding meeting without the Board.

July 14, 2001 - P.R. -- Dental Board Backs Down in response to CDC's lawsuit and refrains from taking a vote on the bad fact sheet.

August 1, 2001 - CDC files suit again alleging violations of the Open Meetings Act, Underground Rulemaking, and Dr. Goldenberg's conflict of interest . . .

August 3, 2001 - Oakland - Board Backs Down Vote on Mercury Amalgam Fact Sheet On August 3rd, in a stunning turn of events, although it was fully poised to adopt a ridiculous fact sheet which it had not provided to consumers until half way through the meeting, the Board backs down again in the face of overwhelming consumer opposition.

August 4, 2001 - "Dentists Yield on Mercury in Fillings" (San Francisco Chronicle) In a surprise turnaround, a skittish CA Dental Board shied away from a controversial fact sheet playing down the risk of mercury in dental fillings.

"We've made a huge step on recognizing the toxicity of mercury.... At last, the board seems willing to say the "M- Word." (Charles Brown)

August 4, 2001 - "Dentists Win to Keep Mouths Shut" (The Daily Record) Consumers for Dental Choice won a court injunction against the Maryland Dental Board which tried to force them to concede there were no scientific studies to support them. "Instead of having a recorded vote" on the mercury removal rule, the boards simply announced it in its newsletter. They went through no policy-making process, as required by state law." "We will continue to fight them......." (Charles Brown)

August 13, 2001 - State Dental Board Officer Picketed at His Office in Beverly Hills Mark Goldenberg, DDS, a pediatric dentist, is leading the state Dental Board's cover-up of the risks of Mercury in dental fillings.

August 22, 2001 -"Health Risks of Mercury in Fillings Debated" (Chicago Tribute front page)

August 23, 2001 - "Maine Passes Legislation Guaranteeing Accurate Patient Information on Mercury Amalgam Fillings"
"Maine Governor today signed the most advanced bill in the U.S. requiring dentists to inform their patients that amalgam dental fillings contain large percentage of the toxic element mercury, which can be harmful...."

"The public is being deceived by the terminology used for these fillings..... The ADA calls them "silver" fillings, but they are really MERCURY fillings. If people knew the principal ingredient is mercury they would not want these fillings in their teeth." (Charles Brown)

August 28, 2001 - COURT RULES ADA CAN BE SUED IN CALIFORNIA Hearing on the motion filed by Shawn Khorrami, Esq. for Consumers for Dental Choice in response to ADA's asking the Court to rule that it cannot be subject to the jurisdiction of California because it is an Illinois corporation, and has no offices, assets, bank accounts, or employees in California. In a far-reaching decision, the Court ruled that the ADA can be sued in California, not just for our cases, but for any purpose.

September 7, 2001 - CDC's Holds Chicago Press Conference - DAMS' Pickets ADA