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  • Mercury has been eliminated from all other uses in the human body, including vaccines, disinfectants, and other oral uses;
  • All other health care associations support full disclosure, while the ADA hides the presence of mercury;
  • The ADA received money from amalgam manufacturers through its Seal of Acceptance program, in contrast with the American Medical Association, which rejected taking fees for product endorsements;
  • The ADA holds patents on amalgam (since expired), furthering its business interests in the success of mercury in dentistry;
  • The ADA endorses pre-Civil War medicine, saying amalgam is justified because its use began in 1850!

Standard medicine vs. ADA & mercury amalgam fillings

Disclose content

Up front with consumer

Describe risks

Oppose putting Mercury into body

Stay out of the business side

Hide content

Use deceptive word "silver"

Hide risks

Support putting Mercury into body

Obtain patents on amalgam


  • U.S. Government (Agency for Toxic Substance & Disease Registry, U.S. Public Health Service): Amalgam is 50% mercury.
  • CDA: Amalgam has "traces" of mercury.
  • U.S. Public Health Service: The largest component of amalgam is mercury.
  • ADA: Amalgam is "silver" fillings.
  • U.S. Public Health Service: For most people, the leading cause of mercury toxicity is amalgam fillings, not fish.
  • ADA: You only get traces of mercury vapor into your body.
  • U. S. Public Health Service: Mercury is a dangerous neuro-toxin; the mercury in the amalgam goes to the brain, and to a fetus through the placenta.
  • ADA: Mercury exposure is like having an "allergy" to dust or pollen!
  • State of California: Mercury in dental amalgam is considered a reproductive toxin under Proposition 65.
  • CDA to California dentists (2001): Provided language for Prop. 65 warning signs that omitted mention of mercury.
  • American Public Health Association, California Medical Association, Health Care Without Harm all have resolutions or policy statements saying: get rid of mercury in ALL health uses.
  • ADA: The ONLY national health care association that still supports putting mercury into the human body.
  • Standard medicine: Disclose what is in a medical product.
  • ADA: Donít tell the patient that amalgam has mercury.

For pregnant women:

  • California Dept of Consumer Affairs (Dental Board): The mercury in amalgam has "reproductive toxicity."
  • ADA to pregnant women: No warning dangers, not even disclosure that amalgam has 750,000 micrograms of mercury.

For children:

  • Amalgam manufacturer Dentsply: Mercury amalgam is "Contraindicated;" Health Canada: recommends no mercury amalgam for children, pregnant women, people with braces or kidney problems.
  • ADA: No warnings, no disclosure to parents about contraindication.

Conflict of interest:

  • AMA: Doesnít take $$$ for endorsements.
  • ADA: Receives fees from amalgam manufacturers while calling amalgam "safe."