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An Introduction to the Mercury Amalgam Controversy 

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Mercury -- From Amalgams to Food and Water

Nine Strikes (years) and California Dental Board is Out !


The ADA Letter To Dan Burton

Dr. Boyd Haley Rebuts the American Dental Association Position on Mercury-Amalgam Safety

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Press Releases and Actions:


4/18/2002 - New Hampshire Requires Dentists To Notify Patients About Mercury Risk

3/22/2002 - Governor Davis appoints mercury-free dentist Chet Yokoyama to the California Dental Board

3/08/2002 - Oregon Recinds Gag rule On Dentists

Press Release 2/21/2002 - Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against ADA and State Dental Association in Maryland

FDA Moves to Reclassify Dental Amalgam Mercury

Press Release 11/05/2001 - California Congresswoman Introduces House Bill to Ban Mercury Dental Fillings

House Bill 11/05/2001 - PDF of US House Bill Introduced To Ban Mercury Dental Fillings

Press Release 10/17/2001 - Lame Duck Dental Board Pushes Anti-Consumer Fact Sheet

Press Release 9/7/2001 - Coalition Heads to American Dental Association's Front Door

Press Release 8/13/2001 - Dental Board Officer Asked To Resign

Press Release 8/3/2001 - Say NO to Corrupt Mercury Amalgam Fact Sheet

Press Release 7/18/2001 - Dental Board Backs Down

Press Release 7/16/2001 - Dental Board Continues Head in Sand Stance

Press Release 7/16/2001 - Consumers Ask Court To Halt Secret Dental Board Meeting

Press Release 7//2001 - Dental Board Refuses to Embrace Reality

Press Release 6/26/2001 - Calls to Disband the California Dental Board

Press Release 6/13/2001 - ADA Says Consumers Should Have No Voice

Press Release 6/13/2001 - CA Dental Board Cancels Meeting, Gov. Davis Intercedes

Press Release 6/12/2001 - Lawsuits against American Dental Association and California Dental Association

Lawsuit 6/12/2001 - Lawsuit Against the ADA-CDA

Class Lawsuit 6/12/2001 - Class Action Lawsuit Against the ADA-CDA

Legal Notice 6/12/2001 - CA Proposition 65 Failure to Warn Notice

News Media & Other Links:

California Dental Board Meeting Blow by blow from Dr. Kennedy DDS

FDA - Food and Drug Administration is Ram-Rodding Rule Changes to Protect Mercury Amalgam Use

State of California 10/10/2001 - Governor Davis Signs Bills To Protect Against Mercury Contamination

Chicago Tribune 8/22/2001 - Health Risks of Mercury Dental Fillings Debated

San Franciso Chronicle 8/04/2001 - Dental Board Doesn't Approve Fact Sheet on Mercury Fillings

Sacramento Bee 8/04/2001 - Dental Board Delays Accord on Mercury Fillings

MSNBC 7/11/2001 - Are 'Silver' Dental Fillings Safe ?


Los Angeles Times 6/27/2001 - Assembly Panel Moves to Pull Entire Dental Board

San Francisco Chronicle 6/14/2001 - Officials at odds with dental board over mercury in fillings

Los Angeles Times 6/13/2001 - Suit Seeks to End Use of Mercury in Dentistry

Wall Street Journal 5/10/2001 - Maryland Dental Regulators Sued for Mercury "Gag" Rule