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 What's that metal taste in my mouth?

If you are not like 98% of the adult population with "silver" dental fillings, that taste is a mystery. For the 98%, the answer is mercury, silver, copper, tin, and other trace metals leaching from your dental fillings. This may come as a surprise, but "silver fillings" are 50% mercury, a toxic heavy metal, and at most 35% silver.

If you can taste it, you can probably also see it. Your gums near the teeth with the fillings will often be blackened. If you have crowns over the top of "silver" fillings, look at the gum tissues at the bottom edge of the crown. These almost always produce darkened gums.

The irony is that for decades the ADA (American Dental Association) contended that once set, the mercury amalgam dental filling, marketed as a "silver" filling, had the metals, the poisonous mercury in particular, "all locked up".

Yet the entire time the practicing members of the ADA have been staring at obvious evidence of quite the opposite.

More than anyone, dentists see the darkened gums, the black worn mercury fillings that have corroded, eroded, fallen out, and required replacement.
(picture at right is a "silver" filling chunk recovered from a human tooth)

Most have heard their patients complaining about a strange metal taste in their mouth.

If you visit Dental Mercury Exposure, you will see scientific evidence that the mercury leaks from the fillings of everyone who has them, and that this poisonous heavy metal is constantly reaching the bloodstream.

So what is that metal taste ? Bad news. You are being polluted with mercury.

In the very best case this toxic metal is stressing your health. Detoxifying and eliminating dental mercury consumes glutathione and other nutritional resources that your body requires for a properly functioning immune system, energy metabolism, and to resist the aging process.

The body stores mercury in the tissues of the brain and other vital organs. As we age, who can say for sure how this stored toxic metal will contribute to Alzheimers and other degenerative conditions ?

The most damning is the devastating effect dental mercury has on the subset of the human population that forms mercury specific immune cells. Visit our page Proposed Immune-Metal Pathology to discover the most current understanding of how dental mercury can cause serious illness in susceptible people.

Safely removing dental mercury from ones teeth is a prudent step for everyone eager to live a long and healthy life.

Safely removing accumulated mercury from body tissues and vital organs is a job best done slowly, by the body's own detoxification processes.

To supply nutrition to your body's natural ability to detoxify and eliminate mercury, while feeding your immune system, and supporting your natural resistance to aging, we suggest our Defense & Replenish, and Glutathione Precursors products.


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