How we got our name...

The founder of CFS Nutrition, Jeff Clark, suffered from CFIDS for 11 years (CFIDS stands for Chronic Fatigue and Immune Disorder Syndrome). Among other problems, he lost 25% of his healthy body weight, developed many food allergies, extreme sugar intolerance, and had significantly reduced energy and fluctuating mental concentration.

Despite all these symptoms, licensed medical doctors (MDs) were unable to identify any abnormality by test, nor diagnose a cause for his condition. According to all the tests, he was perfectly healthy.

Jeff was able to finally overcome his chronic illness by identifying and removing a major source of toxin exposure from his person. He has since been able to restore and maintain his health by using nutritional supplements that supply naturally occurring health processes.

The knowledge and insight gained from Jeff's personal quest for a restoration of health, combined with his concern and compassion for others, led to the founding of Clark's Food Supplement Nutrition. CFS Nutrition is a company registered and residing in the state of Oregon, USA.

The nutrition programs supplied by CFS Nutrition are intended for everyone who wants to maintain a long and healthy life, fending off environmental toxins, maintaining a strong immune system, and resisting aging.

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