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Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are health hazards that are still not fully recognized for their ability to cause problems in the general population. Heavy metal toxicity is well understood in acute, industrial level contamination.

There are heavy economic interests that do not want to recognize the health risks of low level heavy metals. Fossil fuels and mercury dental fillings are two recognizable sources that currently fall into contention due to economics and liability.

Mining is another activity of man that has released hazardous levels of mercury into the environment. Used in the last century for separating gold dust from iron sediments, mercury pollutes many streams and lakes across the western United States.

It is even more devastating in Brazil where it is currently used by poor miners for the same purpose. The rivers of Brazil are much more biologically active than cold and clear waters common in the northern temperate mining zones.

This intense biological activity of tropical river waters more quickly converts mercury to more poisonous organic forms, and more rapidly bioaccumulates up the food chain to man through the subsistence eating of fish.

Burning of coal and fuel oils for energy has been reported by scientists to have introduced half the biologically available mercury in the entire biosphere. In North America, the dollar cost of mercury scavengers on fossil fuel burning power plants would be extremely high, not to mention, what should we do with our automobiles ?

The American Dental Association has already hardened its position in recognizing no potential hazard from mercury dental fillings. It has even gone so far as to remove dental licenses from practitioners who have spoken against the use of mercury in dentistry.

A recent study in Finland showed that a population of people with mercury dental fillings had 17 times more mercury in their feces than a control population of people who had never had this type of filling. The people with dental fillings had 11 times more mercury in their feces than did a population of people who had their amalgams removed.

The average mercury content of dried feces from the group with mercury dental fillings was more than 1 ppm. The first standard deviation included concentrations up to 4 ppm.

It is very difficult to view data such as this, and not recognize mercury dental fillings as the most significant source of dietary mercury.

Lead has lost some attention due to it's removal from gasoline. It is still a major contaminant along the nations roadways and near smelters. Food grown in contaminated soil will carry lead to the human. Perhaps all of us have been made wary of lead in old paints. Lead is particularly hard on the intellectual development of children.

Both cadmium and lead show up in water due to pipes, solder, and other sources that contaminate the water flow.

Cadmium is reliably delivered to the bloodstream by tobacco smoke.

Since recent estimates are that 100 million mercury dental fillings are placed within the mouths of people in the US every year, and that 180 million people in the US bear these fillings, mercury is an important toxin source to consider in health conditions with "no known cause, and no known cure".

We believe mercury from dental fillings to be an important toxin contributing to people with CFIDS. A well known Glutathione depletor, documented symptoms of mercury poisoning cover nearly every documented symptom of CFIDS.

Recent science shows that at least 14% of the human population develops T-cell immune response specific to mercury compounds and ions. A sustained systemic immune response to toxic metal ions that goes on for years, is a very likely description of CFIDS pathology.

Such an immune response will consume many essential resources, and eventually cause a "burn out", a description many CFIDS patients would attribute to themselves and their immune system.

Mercury chemical interference with sulfur bearing compounds can block the body's ability to synthesize Glutathione by normal means.

Glutathione from the diet requires that proteins be eaten, digested, absorbed, then "deconjugated" to create free form amino acids which are then made available to form Glutathione and other essential compounds in the cells.

When you supplement Glutathione precursors you are in many ways jumping to the last step. On an empty, or near empty stomach, free form amino acids absorb rapidly, and disseminate through out the body via the blood stream. Supplementing precursors is a most reliable way to boost Glutathione through food.

Nutritional status is only half the story if you are currently being depleted of Glutathione.

Eliminate all the Glutathione depleting pollutants you can identify and control.

Safely remove mercury dental fillings with a mercury free dentist who uses a properly installed rubber dam, air respirator for you, and air scavenging system to protect everyone else in his dental office.

Discontinue the use of acetaminophen, and aspartame. Stay away from smokers and alcohol. Consider getting an activated charcoal filter for your drinking and cooking water, and metal-free glass cookware.

To rapidly boost Glutathione and antioxidant levels through food supplements, we propose our Defense & Replenish and Glutathione Precursors products.

We are confident that for people with heavy metal poisoning -- health and normal energy can be restored over time.

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