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 Letter From The Founder


You are visiting CFS Nutrition - "Feed Your Health" TM. (CFS is short for Clark's Food Supplement)

You may be wondering, "Who is this Clark guy, and what does he know about health and nutrition anyway ?"

Well, I'm an expert at being not healthy. For 11 years I suffered from CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue & Immune Disorder Syndrome), a condition that officially has "no known cause, and no known cure". People who have CFIDS for more than 5 years are often told they have no hope for recovery. Indeed, and sadly, recoveries like mine are rare. It just doesn't have to be that way.

My condition was characterized by chronic underweight, constantly swollen glands, inexplicable food allergies, chemical sensitivities; impoverished energy levels, frequent illness, inability to concentrate, short term memory problems; depression; stress intolerance, and raw nerves.

Jeff Clark, 1988-1990
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Jeff Clark, 1997-1998
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But, no more. I've been able to resolve my own situation. I've gained 45 pounds of weight (a very good thing in my case) and have learned that health and nutrition go hand in hand. I look and feel 10 times better at age 39, than I did at age 29.

I've spent countless hours on medline and in a major medical library researching my condition, related conditions, and the nutritional foundation that our very lives, and certainly our good health rely upon.

Probably most important, my family, friends, and others I've met have been putting what I've learned to use by taking the supplement programs I've put together.

We all supplement our nutrition with the hope of slowing our aging process, detoxifying environmental pollutants, maintaining strong immunities, and avoiding the many illnesses that strike seemingly well-fed Americans.

People have permanently lost their fatigue, frequent headaches, chemical sensitivities, allergies, susceptibility to every cold and flu, they've experienced exceptional wound healing, have had persistent mouth sores disappear, and have naturally detoxified body burdens of heavy metals.

Much to my surprise, I've had apparently healthy people tell me my food supplement programs helped them feel good too, producing an enhanced sense of well being.

All of these positive examples, coupled with the scientific knowledge of how and why nutrition is so fundamental to good health, have been the constant inspirations for CFS Nutrition.

Along my personal journey I discovered that businesses selling vitamins and food supplements were not doing a good enough job serving the consumer. I also learned that most of the US population is receiving inadequate nutrition for optimal health. We all get plenty of calories, that's seldom an issue.

Here is how CFS Nutrition meets the needs of people striving to live prolonged healthy lives.

Knowledge, the lack of nutrition knowledge is the biggest barrier to good health today. CFS Nutrition addresses this issue by being a supplier of nutrition programs -- collections of well studied supplements that complement and leverage each other. Your good health is fueled by an array of nutrients, not just calories.

Relying solely on a diet of mass produced foodstuffs leaves one's healthy nutrition status open to chance since soil mineral contents are highly variable, and nutritional values of many foods are lost in processing, storage and shipping.

You cannot determine just by looking whether a food is rich in a complete set of human nutrients, or has just enough nutrition for the plant to grow and survive shipping to the grocery. What the plant needs to grow, and what the human needs to be healthy are not completely the same.

Protective levels of nutrients like vitamin E are nearly impossible to receive from food alone, without supplementation.

A recent Readers Digest article mentions a daily intake of 400 IU of vitamin E as an optimal level for protecting the heart from degenerative disease. They point out that one needs to eat five pounds of spinach, or four cups of peanuts every day, to receive just 100 IU of vitamin E.

Then there is yet another issue, what is in your food, air and water, that you don't want to be there, but can't see either?

For optimal health over the long run, we need to protect ourselves nutritionally from environmental pollutants. Glutathione looms large in the body's natural processes for detoxifying and eliminating poisonous substances as well as maintaining a strong immune system and proper energy metabolism.

Optimal nutrition needs to be a balance of many naturally occurring food substances. Some people megadose on just a single nutrient such as vitamin C. The research continually supports the notion that moderate amounts of a full set of essential nutrients is better than a megadose of any single one.

Our products incorporate all this knowledge and wisdom by combining a large set of complimentary nutrients, and separating the antagonistic ones so the body has a chance to incorporate them all.

Convenience is another important issue. Who has time to sort through 15 vitamin bottles every day ?

We solve this problem by appropriately combining supplements into tablets and capsules, and then bagging them into daily packets. These packets maintain freshness. Opening and closing bottles renews the air in your supplements, which accelerates oxidation. Each packet is like a new bottle opened just once for immediate use.

We ship direct to you within 72 hours, to any US mailing address, and to most countries worldwide. Our customers never have to leave their home or office to hunt down nutritional supplements.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. All sales are in US dollars and have an unconditional money back guarantee.

Explore our web site at your convenience, we provide important health information you are not likely to find elsewhere. We take orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by secure web server.

Wishing you the best in health and happiness!

Jeff Clark
CFS Nutrition

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