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Glutathione Molecule

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Nearly everyone has been made aware of "bad cholesterol" and now homocysteine. Did you know that the reason these are bad is because the lipid carriers oxidize, break, and release plaque building fat compounds onto your blood vessel and heart tissues ?

The B vitamin niacin is well known to lower blood cholesterol. Vitamin E is particularly important for protecting against oxidation in lipid soluble compartments.

In general, if you moderate the fat and sugar in your diet, eliminate your accumulated toxins, stay well supplied in vitamins and minerals, and keep your total antioxidant status up, your heart has the ability to last a very long time.

We suggest our Defense & Replenish program as a supplement program for people in good health. This program ensures your body's nutritional status for vitamins, essential trace minerals, and ensures healthy levels of the major antioxidants including vitamin E, vitamin C, and Glutathione.

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