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Gulf War Syndrome is the latest mystery disease to hit the American consciousness. Just like with CFIDS, the first response of the medical establishment was to deny this was anything more than a psychosomatic reaction to stress.

Recently the US government released a report stating there was not conclusive evidence of a chemical weapons exposure for these soldiers. They can neither prove nor disprove chemical weapons are a factor. No doubt there are many variables contributing to the illnesses of these combat veterans, trace exposure to chemical weapons may be one of them. We see several possible root causes beyond potential exposure to the worst the Iraqi's had to offer.

Traumatic stress from having people shoot deadly weapons at you has a physiological effect on ones health, that's all there is to it. Some people are going to trigger chronic fatigue syndrome from having this added stress burden take their immune system and healthy nutritional status over the edge and down the tube.

Who doubts that there was much anxiety and grinding of teeth as scuds flew over head, weapons exploded, and tanks rolled across the desert ? Persistent grinding of teeth loaded with mercury dental fillings are going to increase the daily mercury uptake. Perhaps this was enough to trigger some peoples immune system to take offense, and start targeting the dental mercury reaching the bloodstream ?

Lest we forget, what about all those vaccines soldiers were injected with before they left for the gulf ? Has anyone checked to see how the mercury compounds thimerosal and phenylmercury , commonly used as vaccine preservatives, may have triggered immune allergies, and set some people on a downward health spiral ?

There will probably never be a definitive answer, agreed upon by all, as to the question of just what made these every day Americans come back so ill from the gulf war.

What is important is getting as many as possible back on their feet, so they can enjoy the life they once risked for all Americans.

Glutathione is a master detoxifying agent naturally used in the body's ability to eliminate many kinds of "xenobiotics", maintain a strong immune system, and conduct proper energy metabolism.

We suggest gulf war vets look into building up their natural defense mechanisms and healthy nutrition status with our Defense & Replenish and Glutathione Precursors products.

We can ship to US Armed Forces addresses anywhere in the world!

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