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Energy processes can be disrupted and put into a state from which they seem unable to recover. Many people have fallen down this hole, and not been able to get back out. The CDC has a fairly strict definition for this condition, so many who have prolonged fatigue don't get to officially wear the label.

Chronic Fatigue has no proven cause, and no proven cure. There is still a contingent of MDs who believe the condition is totally "psychosomatic", that is, people with CFIDS are perfectly healthy and simply imagining their health problems, perhaps to avoid "real life".

CFIDS symptoms are further complicated and confused by the presence of opportunistic infections by viruses, candida yeast, and other parasites.

Whether officially labeled or not, one cannot find themselves in this category until all other "recognized" possible causes are eliminated.

Be careful though, because a person with this condition is almost always going to be diagnosed as depressed, if presented to a psychiatrist. The ensuing prescription drugs may worsen the true underlying condition.

Since there is no proven cause or cure, and based on our founders personal experiences, we feel qualified to enter our own hypothesis on how this condition comes about. Selective Immune Response to Persistent Environmental Toxins. Visit MELISA® Test for Metal Allergy for compelling science on how dental metals may cause this very condition.

This is clearly an alternate hypothesis, since mainstream medical dollars are still pursuing the elusive, and as of yet undiscovered virus inhabiting all CFIDS patients.

Besides the personal anecdote of our founder, we have heard it reported that Dr. Paul Cheney has found depressed Glutathione levels as a compelling correlation across the CFIDS population. Dr. Patricia Salvato of Houston, Texas is injecting CFIDS patients with glutathione and ATP, and reporting excellent results in alleviating several key symptoms.

Curiously, James F. Balch M.D. and Phyllis A. Balch C.N.C in their book "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" say this about Glutathione deficiency.

"A deficiency of Glutathione first affects the nervous system, causing such symptoms as lack of coordination, mental disorders, tremors, and difficulty maintaining balance. These problems are believed to be due to development of lesions in the brain."

Further, we have included many Medical / Scientific Journal References for you to consider. Glutathione is essential in protecting the proper function of normal energy processes, and much more.

Glutathione can be depleted by a host of agents working alone or together. Environmental pollutants, tobacco smoke, alcohol abuse, acetaminophen, mercury from dental fillings, and a sustained immune response against persistent toxins, can all rob you of this most important health asset. Mercury can impair your body's ability to synthesize Glutathione by normal means.

Glutathione from the diet requires that proteins be eaten, digested, absorbed, then "deconjugated" to create free form amino acids which are then made available to form Glutathione and other essential compounds in the cells.

When you supplement Glutathione amino acid precursors you are in many ways jumping to the last step. On an empty, or near empty stomach, free form amino acids absorb rapidly, and disseminate through out the body via the blood stream. Supplementing glutathione precursors is believed to be the most reliable way to boost Glutathione without involving a needle.

Restoring nutritional status is only half the story if you are depleted of Glutathione.

Eliminate all the Glutathione depleting, and immune targeted pollutants you can identify and control.

Safely remove mercury dental fillings with a dentist who uses a properly installed rubber dam, air respirator for you, and air scavenging system to protect everyone else in his dental office.

Discontinue the use of acetaminophen, and aspartame. Stay away from smokers and alcohol. Consider getting an activated charcoal filter for your drinking and cooking water, and metal-free glass cookware.

To boost Glutathione and antioxidant levels we suggest our Defense & Replenish and Glutathione Precursors products.

We are confident that for people with chronic fatigue -- health and normal energy can be restored over time.

Our view is in sharp contrast to mainstream medicine, which seems to say chronic fatigue either doesn't exist or is a life sentence.

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