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Faith healing is when a televangelist prays to God in Jesus' name before broadcast and studio audiences then "fells" a person with the Holy Spirit. Upon returning to their feet, the person finds a total restoration of health, the lame walk, the cancerous person comes up whole.

If this is your only image of faith healing, may I suggest you need more vision ?

Faith healing is when you go to a doctor with an unexplained malady and say "doctor fix me". The doctor picks and pokes, hems and haws, then gives you a prescription for something with a Latin name that costs many dollars per pill.

Faith healing is when you have general anesthetic, then undergo surgery to remove an appendix or cancerous tissue.

Faith healing is when you consume daily food supplements to ensure your body will have the nutrients it requires for good health.

Faith is required for all forms of healing.

The only thing that varies is where you place your faith.

God may heal some people miraculously. God's gift of healing for most people with faith comes as spiritual guidance, and a calm that allows the body to heal itself. God has given each of us the miracle of life. Life strives to be healthy, and to exist as long as possible.

A medical doctor requires that you put your faith in his allopathic philosophy, medical paradigms, particular scope of knowledge, biases, ethics, and competency. You put your very life in the hands of another frail human.

With quality food supplements that supply essential micronutrients you put faith in your body's own health wisdom and desire to live long and be well.

We advocate a diversification of faith.

Population studies have shown that people with a spiritual faith live longer, and are healthier than those without.

There are ailments you simply cannot recover from without the intervention of surgery and medication. Modern medicine has significantly improved our ability to survive from conditions where in ages past death was a certainty.

A well thought out program of food supplementation, as part of a healthy lifestyle is the best preventative medical insurance money can buy.

This page is dedicated to my friend Perry Wingfield. Perry died October 11, 1998, at the age of 39, due to a cancer that started in his mouth. His tongue rubbed against a dental restoration that started a sore, that developed into a cancer. The cancer spread from his tongue to his lymph glands and lungs, and then everywhere.

Perry put his life into the hands of his oncologist. This doctor performed surgery, a miracle reconstruction of Perry's tongue, and removal of lymph glands from one side of his neck. Radiation was used to kill whatever the surgeon missed. A second surgery was planned when it was discovered that cancer had spread to the lymph glands on the other side of Perry's neck. Before this second surgery could take place it was discovered that the cancer had also spread to his lungs.

At this point Perry became aware of some information on how antioxidants like glutathione and minerals like selenium might assist in the body's own defenses against cancer. When Perry asked his oncologist about taking antioxidants and minerals, the oncologist was surprised he hadn't already been taking such supplements.

As of late, someone in the patient's life has almost always convinced this doctor's patients to supplement. He told Perry that there wasn't complete research done on food supplements in cancer treatment, and there wasn't likely to be, since nutrients are not patentable. Hence, not profitable enough to fund the kind of research required to be used as a prescribed therapy. He hadn't told Perry about supplementing his nutrition, he said, because he was an oncologist, and that isn't what they do.

The oncologist went on to tell Perry that antioxidants may be beneficial when taken before and after surgery and chemotherapy, and during radiation therapy. It was thought not good to take antioxidants during chemotherapy since chemotherapy uses oxidative chemicals to kill the cancer, and these nutrients would directly interfere with that treatment.

Perry was at an urgent decision point and felt he needed to move quickly. There was little time to waste. The oncologist wanted to get started with chemotherapy right away. Perry followed through with his doctors plan, and went right to the chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy didn't work, and Perry's health became rapidly worse. When the doctor had nothing left to try, he advised hospice. A few months later we mourned Perry's life passing from this Earth.

Who among the living can say with certainty that a nutrition program would or would not have made the life and death difference in the case of Perry ? I cannot.

I do have to ask the question, "what business are oncologists in anyway ?"

From my friend Perry's story, I have to conclude they are in the "surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and hospice" business. This varied from my friend's expectations. He wanted a healer in the "save my life business". One who would "first do no harm", and with just that one limitation apply everything else reasonable that could possibly work to save his life.

Depending upon your beliefs, Perry has passed to either a place of absolute knowledge and peace, or into absolute nothingness where such concepts no longer matter. Either way, for the rest of us there is no choice. As long as we live, we will all have to place faith of one kind or another against those things for which we can never gain certainty.

I've republished this page on faith healing in honor of the memory of Perry Wingfield, someones son, brother, husband, father, and my friend and colleague.

Jeff Clark

A tragic postscript:

Approximately 1 month after Perry's funeral his wife Kathy was diagnosed with the same type of small cell cancer. Her's started in the bladder. She too followed the allopathic route. Kathy passed away from this physical life early January 2000. Perry and Kathy leave behind a son and daughter, both in grade school. The children now live with their aging grandparents in Pennsylvania and are also attended to by many Aunts, Uncles and cousins living nearby.

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