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Glutathione Molecule

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We all eat because we need food and feel hungry. Most of us stop eating once we feel satisfied. For people who's body's naturally control weight, satisfaction comes long before one feels "stuffed". Healthy food satisfaction has been shown to be positively influenced by adequate amounts of B vitamins.

Another reason people keep eating is because they sense they are not getting the energy they need from their food. Surely everyone has experienced the mid-afternoon energy drain ? A shortage of the micro-trace element Chromium deprives a person of an important insulin cofactor called "Glucose Tolerance Factor" or GTF.

It is believed a majority of people are lacking in chromium.

Here is what Dr. Richard Passwater says about chromium in his book Chromium Picolinate available from us.

"...biologically active chromium is an essential insulin cofactor. The hormone insulin helps control hunger, and regulates energy production, fat burning, muscle building, and cholesterol utilization. Many people know that severe insulin malfunction can produce diabetes, but few realize that even mild insulin dysfunction results in low energy levels, fat production, craving for sweets and high cholesterol levels."

Under a physicians guidance, diabetics have been able to reduce, and sometimes even eliminate their need for insulin injections by using chromium supplements.

A person focused just on overeating might consider our Replenish program for daily supplements of trace minerals and B-vitamins.

Of course we feel very strongly that our Defense & Replenish program is the best means for supplementing your diet to meet a more complete set of nutritional needs.

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