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Defense & Replenish Combination
2 boxes, 90 daily packets
50¢ per day

Defense (click for details) & Replenish (click for details) combination is intended as a good health nutrition program .

Both Defense and Replenish deliver a daily supplement of B vitamins, natural vitamin E and vitamin C to maintain fat and water soluble antioxidants, and to provide metabolic coenzymes required throughout the body.

In addition, Defense delivers a potent set of free form amino acids that the body reliably transforms into glutathione and related enzymes required by the immune system, to detoxify heavy metals and other pollutants, and to protect energy processes.

Replenish adds a supplement of beta carotene and trace minerals including selenium and chromium that are not reliably found in the diet, yet are essential for human health.

Alternating glutathione amino acids and trace mineral formulas day to day allows the body time to properly incorporate and regulate these nutrients while optimizing their uptake.

Amino acids are best absorbed on an empty, or near empty stomach. For best results Defense packets should be taken on an empty stomach, or with a small amount of food. Minerals absorb best with food. Best results from Replenish come when it is taken with a meal.

Our customers are often surprised at what a noticeable difference our supplements can make in the way they feel after only a few days or weeks.

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