Why I Went Into Business...

If you've been here before, you know this website chronicling my saga, and sharing what I've learned, has been around since 1996.

Until recently I've worked at a high-tech company as an engineer, manager, and marketer. My employment was excellent, and I had several opportunities to stay in the field, and perhaps even advance myself.

Maybe it was an odd sort of mid-life crisis. As my health has been restored, I have not looked to my fading mortality, instead I've looked in a different way. It seemed I had already been old and dying, and that's what I am leaving behind.

Now it feels like my life has been given a second chance, a new beginning, a new start.

So the question became "how to best spend this new life?"

Apologies to anyone this offends -- I just couldn't see spending my new life as I had my old -- helping to make a few grumpy old men even richer.

There are more important things to dedicate life to, such as this health issue that has defined me for so long, and still afflicts so many.

Money is a strange force in our world. Who can deny our ultimate dependence upon it for physical survival ? Without it our society doesn't want to allow you food, shelter, or clothing. Yet all it is, is an accounting scheme.

For me, it pretty much ends there. I do not idolize it. I grew up with just barely enough to get by. I worked and earned enough to support a family and live comfortably. It doesn't matter to me if I am ever rich, I just need enough to live, with some security.

My heart has continued to go out to all those who suffered like me, in ignorance, desperation, and long bouts of hopelessness. I've been very fortunate that I was able to keep functioning, hold a very good job, and make such a spectacular recovery, even if it took 11 years.

My first thought was to write a book. With some professional help in English, I thought I could convert these web pages and more into a compelling set of information. Further, I could get out and promote the book, and talk to people about what's going on. Getting out and talking to people is still high on my agenda.

I chased down some editors, and believe that with perseverance I could have swung a book deal. But there was one big problem. It is very unlikely that such a book would ever sell enough to support my family, and would take an enormous investment of unpaid time.

At that realization, I had to content myself with creating this website for my main journalistic out-pouring.

Then I started reflecting on all the problems I had encountered in piecing together my personal nutrition program.

Knowing what to take, what was safe, and what should be taken together, were huge voids to fill. Voids intentionally held open by the FDA in their effort in protecting the medical / pharmaceutical establishment from competition, and in protecting the public from being duped by "snake oil" salesmen.

Health is one aspect of American life where the Government is the main monopoly conspirator, and constitutional free speech is not protected.

The other two problems I saw were convenience and price. By the time I had put almost everything together, I had so many vitamin bottles, yet I still hadn't found a couple items I knew I required.

The amino acids I had to buy by the kilo to get an acceptable price, good quality, and to be sure I had a reliable supply of all three glutathione precursors.

For me personally, the biggest day to day problem was opening and closing all the bottles amidst a "brain fog". I'd forget where I was at, and take some things twice, and omit others. Sometimes my lethargy lead me to not even want to deal with it. Traveling was a nightmare. Who has room for clothes? I've packed my vitamins!

The bottles started running out, and it stressed me even more, because they all seemed to have different quantities. Now how am I going to remember which ones I need to buy next ?, and where did I buy that one ?

Then the prices got to me. Walk into one store, and literally spend $30 for a bottle of NAC that must have been sitting there for 3 years. That was when I discovered the huge variabilities in price and quality.

So I dreamed up CFS Nutrition - Clark's Food Supplement, to untangle some of these problems for everyone else.

Our motto "Feed Your Health"TM is an incredibly concise statement of our philosophical basis. If you read my page on "Faith Healing", you will probably recognize the third health faith in our motto.

That is the faith in our bodies own ability to know how to be healthy. I don't discount God's hand, and I sure wouldn't want to live too far away from modern medical care.

But God has already shown his hand to all of us by giving us bodies that know how to be healthy, and nutrients that fuel that health.

What is modern medicine but man's accumulated knowledge of how to manipulate what was already there in nature ?

I think all three faiths are entirely compatible, and complimentary. It's only when one takes a totally partisan view that things have opportunity to go hopelessly wrong.

My greatest fear with my new business, is that my credibility is somehow lost because of my economic interest in the products offered by CFS Nutrition. My family and I have to eat, I can't apologize for that.

In my own heart I don't feel there has to be any conflict of interest.

I say, learn all you can. If what I'm selling is a good deal for you, then buy from me. If not, then I hope I helped you all the same.


Jeff Clark

p.s. CFS Nutrition can be found at www.CFSN.com.

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