Health Update Continued.. through July 1998

1/11/97 Sunday Night After the Girls Baths

Persistent headaches and sugar hypersensitivity are back. Since I had the gold crown replaced, the root apex amalgam tooth has been driving me nuts. The tissue throbs in the gum and jaw in the area near the tooth.

What I believe is happening is that this amalgam is now the anode of choice. The problem is acerbated in that I now have a shiny new gold crown not 2 inches away, which probably gives a very nice electrical potential difference, a perfect cathode.

On top this, I've run out of one of the three aminos comprising GSH. NAC I have plenty of, having purchased a kilo from JoMarLabs. Tomorrow I will order up a kilo of each of the other two aminos. The three aminos do much more for me than just the NAC alone. I'm having trouble finding the aminos locally, and Portland is a big town with lots of vitamin stores.

The question that I must now act upon is the approach to the tooth. As written before, there are only two choices. Open gum surgery with the bottom half of the tooth cut away. The other choice is to have it extracted.

Cutting may leave amalgam particles. Extraction has a better chance of bringing the amalgam out whole. My bottom front teeth are slightly crowded, with this particular one turned due to the bunching. Finding a surgeon who will do the extra clean up of the tissues is important.

Not wanting to think about this has led me to procrastinate. Now It's caught up with me again, and I have to face it. Well, that's it for today, nothing but my health, and angst.

Good night !

Jeff Clark

1/27/97 - It's Gone!

 The tooth with the apical amalgam is gone! Today it was extracted, and the cavitation ground out 1/2 mm all the way around. It made me very sad to lose this tooth. I have it on quadruple advisement that this was the only way to be sure all the amalgam came out.

There was no infection, no smell, no obviously inflamed tissue. The tooth itself was sealed. Except for the amalgam at the end, it was a very well done root canal.

The amalgam was small, and as black as coal! These are silver fillings, black is a definitive sign of corrosion. This little bugger was corroding out, and there was only one place for the Hg+ to go, my tissues and blood.

I wanted to bring the tooth home for photos, scanning, and then electron microscope analysis for determining the lack of mercury. OHSA says they can only give me the filling if it goes through the sterilizer first.

We are at an impasse, and they are holding the tooth until I return with a camera. My plan is to consult with my Ph. D. chemist friends here at work to see what we can sterilize with, that will not corrode the filling worse.

1/28/97 - The Day After the Extraction.

My 45 minutes with ice yesterday paid off. There is minimal swelling, mostly inside the mouth. Of course there is this gaping hole in the row of lower teeth.

The surgeon wanted to give me antibiotics, I declined. We'll see if I develop an infection first. There is enough GSH precursors in my diet, that I'm betting the natural immune's will be enough. He also gave me a prescription for pain killers. I've not needed them, at this point I won't need them.

This will stretch some of you in ability to believe, but I feel physical relief from this tooth being gone! The problems I experienced last week of being very tired, hurting joints, and cognitive impairment, are better already.

The tooth was releasing mercury directly into my tissues. My immune system is well supplied with GSH as is my blood stream. Absolutely we have relieved an active source of mercury exposure.

My most sincere hope and prayer is that this is enough. The other teeth are not acting up. If I can now rebound again, then it will be sure. My plan is to take the nutrients only this time. No more DMPS, unless I am desperate.

God Bless!

Jeff Clark

1/30/97 - My Well Being is Holding Up

It seems to be good, very good. My expectations didn't include such a sudden removal of the symptoms I had been experiencing. The current clear mind and feeling of well being have been mine before this past year, but only after a DMPS chelation treatment.

There are two conclusions I draw from this stunning result. Current exposure was causing current symptoms at this state of my illness/wellness. The nutritional chelators are awesome! I've been taking 1 gram NAC, 1 gram vitamin E, and 1/2 gram each of glycine and glutamic acid 4 times every day. The stuff works!

Candida's fire is my theory on how I believe my CFS illness went down. This last set of problems followed a slightly different path. All the corrosion products were inside my tissues, with the GI only seeing the bile output.

I've broken the impasse with the surgeons office. We are sterilizing in alcohol which should not affect the corrosion state of the amalgam. We will be analyzing and photographing the thing for this web site sometime.

My hope is that I am at the end of the road on dental work for a very long time. The molar tooth with the silver point root canals, and likely amalgam under a gold crown, is not giving me clues of release like the other two I've acted upon recently. I'm not sure why this is the case. The dental work predates my fall into CFS.

Could it be corroded out already ? Can it have achieved a state where the mercury can no longer leak ? Has it just been waiting its turn to be the anode of choice ? I'm in wait and see mode for the next months. At this moment, I am quite optimistic.

Good Night!

Jeff Clark

2/5/97 The Good Health is Holding!

It's Wednesday evening. Monday I was back into the oral surgeons office where they checked out the one week old handy work.

They cannot even tell that they had done anything the previous week, because the healing is so complete. I attribute this to a revved up immune system. Whatever, the cause, my physical health is seeming very strong these days. I had the tooth yanked under local anesthetic. Took no antibiotics or pain killers, and was completely healed 7 days later.

The tooth is impressive in it's display of corrosion. The amalgam facing the gum tissue directly is the uncorroded part. All of the amalgam surface interfacing the tooth cavity is pitch black and heavily corroded.

We should be able to get some good shots with the microscope. It looks like we may even be able to estimate a corrosion margin.

My body has been going through some curious detoxification phases. Since the day after my tooth was pulled, my mind has steadily cleared. Over the last weekend I had a migraine style headache and a clear mind. When experiencing headaches on the declining side, I've always experienced some mind clouding and confusion.

My gut and mid section have also been having sharp pains and other odd feelings. I started taking zinc again, and it cleared up my headaches. At this point most of the overt detox feelings have subsided.

The optimism that the mercury exposure has ended, holds. Each day I feel good or better.

Good Night!

Jeff Clark

5/20/97 I've been adjusting my supplements, but am still feeling good overall.

Some months have passed since I've recorded in this journal. There was quite a while that I was taking the heavy doses of amino acids etc. reported elsewhere in this website.

As a result of feeling good and having a lot to do, I started drinking coffee again without restraint. Mistake -- I started feeling goofy again. My thinking is that it was helping to stimulate a mercury let down greater than my excretion processes could deal with safely.

Things got to the point where I had to give everything a full stop. I quit coffee, and all supplements for two weeks. Everything settled down, and I was able to get a good baseline on how my body was doing. I am back to feeling good again.

I'm back on the NAC, glycine, and glutamic acid again, taking only a third of my previous dosing. Right before bed I have 1g of NAC, 500 mg of the other two, a g of vitamin E, and the B50 vitamin.

First thing in the morning I clear my bowel in the hopes of minimizing the recirculation of excreted mercury.

In the morning I try to have a cal/mag, zinc, and selenium supplements along with some high acidophilus yogurt.

At dinner I'm having psyllium husks in juice to enhance bowel fiber - another attempt to move mercury out and not reabsorb.

Recently I've reread TW Clarkson and his proposal for a polythiol resin to be taken orally. I'm wondering if such a product has come to be available ? The idea is that the resin is not absorbed, but readily binds the mercury excreted in bile before it can be reabsorbed in the small intestine.

There still remain two crowns in my mouth with mercury underneath. Interestingly, the only part of my mouth now showing any gum infections are near these two teeth. Do you think ? When I supplement NAC heavily now, these two teeth hurt.

For various reasons I've been dragging my feet on getting these ones out. I now have an appointment with a mercury free dentist to have them out.

If you have read my open letter to Dateline-NBC, you know that the controversy continues. Every time I review the facts of this situation, I keep getting the feeling that we are sheep to be sheared by the health establishment.

Those poor people with MS. It is really hard, as an able bodied person, to witness the extreme tragedy of those wrecked bodies.

Ruining peoples lives to protect financial and professional interests brings moral outrage beyond words. This issue has got to move to open and honest ground for the sake of humanity.

The confidence I have in my cause and cure are unfaltering.

God Bless!

Jeff Clark

7/14/98 Has it really been 14 months since I wrote in this journal ?

June of 1997 saw the removal of three of the four remaining old crowns. It was that month I truly became mercury free. Two of these indeed had mercury buildups, and showed considerable corrosion at the margins. One had an amalgam substitute that included no mercury. The last crowned tooth had the silver points, a nickel crown, and no mercury.

The crown with the silver points was the last tooth to be worked on. I had carefully planned out the work between the dentist and endodontist to happen the same day. July we lifted the crown, prepared the tooth, and went for the silver point extraction.

According to the endodontist, the root canal had been infected for at least 5 years, and was it's very own source of ill health. He successfully removed the points and retreated the tooth with gutta-percha. He used an electrical sensor that treated my body as ground, to determine the end of the roots as he worked them.

When he turned me loose, I had a prescription for antibiotics and pain killers. I didn't take either, and experienced no problems.

Six months later I had a checkup on the root canal tooth. Absolutely no infection, total recovery. The endodontist was surprised. He said I was definitely on the quick end of what he expected. An infection such as what I had from that root canal typically takes an entire year to heal. My before and after x-rays would be a text book example of what a successful procedure should produce. Good for you doctor! But I know it was the ample supply of glutathione my body now enjoys that made the difference.

Since that time, I have made steady progress in over all health, with no major relapses. I've not had another DMPS chelation. Nutrition has been the only chelation strategy I've followed since the emergency DMPS after the heart palpitations.

I have now scaled my supplementing way back. There seems to be a limit on how much a person needs of the glutathione amino acids over time. In my previous state of depletion there seemed to be quite a need. As I've gone a year now being totally mercury free, I've moved to every other day, 1/2 a gram of NAC mixed with the other two aminos and other supporting nutrition.

As I read back over my own writing here, it becomes clear that I am a calmer person now, than I was then. I'm sure there are many reasons, but the chemistry aspect is paramount for me.

I can eat sugar with almost no repercussions. It takes quite a bit to give me any bowel problems. Very curious, I don't really care if I have sugar or not any more. It seems I used to really crave sweets, but didn't fully recognize it at the time. It is only now that I can have sugar, but don't really care for it, that my former craving becomes obvious.

The only yeast problem that remains is the bottom of my left foot. It is invincible. Writing this reminds me that it is time to try a topical treatment again.

I haven't had cold symptoms for more than one day this past year, and at that it was a sniffle.

Just last Wednesday I was lifting a log post to set it in place as a deck support, and tore the skin on my right wrist. An area the size of a dime was severely abraded. It scabbed over the next day, and seemed to shrink before my eyes. Monday the scab came off, and the tissue below is completely healed over. Five days! I'm impressed.

Which only leaves me more puzzled about the yeast in the skin of the bottom of my foot! I know it is peripheral immunity, which is the weakest, but still. It just doesn't fit with the rest of my health status.

August is the start of my renewed public speaking since I started CFS Nutrition. My original vision was to use the business as the vehicle to take on the issue publicly and in person. At the launch of the business, I lost full view of that objective. I'm now returning to that original concept. The vitamins will sell themselves if I focus on communicating the mercury issue.

In preparation of my overheads I dug up photos of my self from 1988 and 1990. It has to be a rare person who looks 10 times better at age 39, than they did at age 29. Looking at those pictures, and reading these writings as though they were new for me, renews my strength and determination to crack this issue wide open.

People have a right to know. The United States of America is based on free speech and other basic human rights. I cannot sit by as millions people suffer like I did, in ignorance.

The deception of calling something that is 50% mercury "silver" is immoral, and ought to be illegal. People have no choice, because most dentists offer no choice. Insurance will not pay equally for a mercury alternative. Three out of four still don't know about the mercury content of their silver fillings.

Some have compared the mercury dental filling issue to the tobacco issue. As demonized as that industry has become, I think the mercury dental fillings are worse, and here's why.

We entrusted our public health to the dental industry. They have taken a Hippocratic oath. They have approached us with their mercury in a patronizing, paternalistic way. They've decided the mere public doesn't deserve a right to know, or be involved in the choosing of what goes into their teeth. We have all been put off guard by giving these fillings a name that disguises their true nature. All complaints of negative health outcomes have been denied, and blamed on the imagination of the sufferer. Dentists with an open mind, a moral conscience, and a power of observation have been denied the ability to speak freely of what they observe and suspect about mercury dental fillings. If they speak up, their very livelihood is put in jeopardy.

At some point the health risk of smoking became publicly known. In my lifetime the cancer information has been widely available, even unavoidable. Addiction complicates it, but the smoking person still had to choose to buy and consume the things.

Mercury dental fillings have been foisted upon us under stealth and deceit. They are still flying below the radar by deception and repression. Most of us have had no choice in the matter.

The deception has continued to evolve in the presence of criticism. I've lately heard mercury dental fillings described as "silver colored" dental fillings. How Orwellian to reshape the past to fit the present context!

I bought my wife a gold ring for our engagement and wedding. We call it a gold ring, because that is the metal it is primarily made from. They even gave it a carat rating for how much gold was in the ring. If it's not mostly gold, and merely "gold colored", we were deceived, the victims of fraud, wouldn't you agree?

Jeff Clark


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