Nutrition - A Short Review

The number one thing that mercury does is disrupt your normal body chemistry and metabolism. A prestigious MD and his Ph D. pal are touting a book stating vitamins and nutritional supplements are a con game. These people obviously don't recognize the poison loads some people are carrying.

They don't seem to appreciate how disruptive toxins such as mercury are to the bodies chemical processes. The ability to digest, absorb, incorporate and synthesize from food requires bio-chemicals that are all dependent on properly functioning metabolic processes. Processes that can be severely disrupted by metallic poisons.

These people have a near monopoly on our health dollars. Books such as the one I refuse to name above, show me a tendency to care a whole lot more about our health dollars than about our health. The price of just one major surgical procedure is enough to buy a lifetime of health ensuring nutritional supplements.

At $2 a day, the money for my mercury free dental restorations, and chelation treatments would have covered 6,000 days, or 16.4 years of nutritional supplements. At $1 a day, 32.8 years, and at 66 cents a day, 49.7 years of food supplements could have been purchased with that same money!!

As part of the test panels run on me before I began chelation treatment, it was discovered that I was systematically "out of whack" in many vitamins. My immediate response was to start taking "stress packs" of common vitamins.

The clinic that treated me also incorporates vitamin therapy as a recovery step from the DMPS chelation aftermath. Along with mercury amalgam filling removal, I believe these chelation and vitamin treatments are responsible for my dramatic one year recovery from 11 years of CFS.

Since all of these experiences, I've met Hg (internet nickname), and he has attempted to educate me somewhat on the bio-chemistry aspects of mercury poisoning. I've also spent some time reading medical research reports. Listed are the points I understand.

  • Mercury loves to bond with thiols, a sulfur group on many important bio-compounds.
  • Mercury impairs tubulins formation in nerve cells, impairing the nerves.
  • Mercury disrupts cellular metabolism, resulting in impaired energy processes.
  • Mercury has the ability of disrupting any hormone, enzyme or immune processes involving thiols at the cellular / molecular level.
  • Mercury inhibits the synthesis of glutathione, and depletes glutathione, a very important compound used by the body for excreting mercury, immune function, and protecting many chemical functions in the body.
  • Human immune cells are extremely sensitive to all mercury compounds. Immune cells show dysfunction long before obvious immune cell count deficiencies occur.

CFS and Mercury poisoning are both characterized by emotional, mental, immune and nervous system problems as well as extreme fatigue and other symptoms. In the case of the mercury poisoned, most of these symptoms are due to cellular/molecular level chemical disruptions.

When mercury inhibits glutathione production, your body has lost it's best defense for excreting poisons, mercury and all others. It may be that this point of disruption is the beginning of full fledged CFS. If your body manages to avoid disruption of glutathione synthesis, you may never develop CFS, but are diverting your health resources to a chronic poisoning all the same.

That doesn't mean the mercury isn't still accumulating either. For people who don't develop CFS, mercury may only show it's hand clearly in facilitating another illness, or the ultimate cause of death.

A study have shown scientifically that mercury by-products resulting from amalgam corrosion are 50 times as toxic to the same cell cultures when glutathione is removed from the cell growth medium.

If you are mercury toxic, then you desperately need to begin a campaign of nutrition. You need to be supplying yourself with vitamins and food supplements that will allow your body to defend and build itself back up.

No nutrition program has high hopes if you continue to be exposed to mercury from your amalgams. As you add rebuilding nutrition, you also have to eliminate your sources of mercury and toxin exposures.

The mercury amalgam fillings have got to go! Safe removal of the poison source is a prerequisite for any successful recovery program, nutrition based or otherwise.

Natural Chelation, Rebuilding Your Bodies Mercury Excretion Capability and Immune System

NAC - N-Acetyl-Cysteine. Cysteine is a part of the glutathione molecule. NAC is safer than unbound Cysteine, and readily passes the cell walls to help increase intercellular synthesis of glutathione.

NAC supplements are important for enabling the body to restore glutathione production when one is depleted from mercury and other toxicities.

Glutathione is important for the Nuetrophil immune cells to function properly.

NAC itself is a mercury binder, kidney and liver friendly excretion compound.

I've taken NAC double the other two amino's comprising glutathione, since Cysteine is also needed in the enzyme required to form glutathione, and NAC also has singular antioxidant and excretion capability.

Glutamic acid. Another of the 3 amino's comprising glutathione.

Glycine. The third amino in glutathione.

E - vitamin E. E has been shown to take over glutathione's bio-chemical tasks in people who's glutathione synthesis has been impaired.

Vitamin E has also been demonstrated to add significant protection against mercury induced cell damaged.

E is really important while you still have amalgams in your mouth and are detoxifying mercury from your body.

C- vitamin C. Major antioxidant that works with Vitamin E and glutathione. These antioxidants restore each other and extend their individual effectiveness.

Rebuilding Your Cells, Enzymes, and Hormones

Vitamin B Complex. I take one of these every time I dose amino acids. These have kept sulfur smelling flatulence from occurring. These coenzymes help complete the digestion, absorption and metabolism of the supplemented amino's, and the rest of your food.

Folic acid, to help clean up skin problems from yeast etc.

Acidophilus culture. In active yogurt, if you can tolerate it, gives you a load of proteins also. Helps to restore GI flora which crowd out yeast, protect the GI lining, help absorb B vitamins, and supply amino acids and short chain fatty acids.

Electrolytes and trace minerals - calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, selenium, chromium, molybdenum, copper.

Don't get too carried away with minerals, at high doses all can be toxic. Selenium in equal doses with methyl mercury has been reported to nullify mercury toxicity.

Interestingly, selenium is also found in significant quantity in methyl mercury bearing seafood. You cannot be sure what your exact mercury dose rate from amalgam's is, so go easy with the selenium.

When you begin to see the urine right after your daily vitamins no longer color up brightly, you are making progress. What doesn't color up is being retained and used.

Trouble Shooting NAC Side Effects

Heartburn: take with small amount of food and water.

Wild GI spasms: you are taking too much, GI cell walls can bear a lot of mercury and will need to be cleared more gradually. Back off the dosage, but don't quit all together. Work your way back into a detox program.

Sulfur smelling flatulence: too much again, or not enough B vitamins, or not enough acidophilus, or your not taking all three amino acids together.

Nausea: potential rapid detoxification problems again. Back down the dosage, see heartburn and wild GI spasms.

Headache, mind fog, etc. : detoxification problems. Could also be a yeast die off. Could be too much mercury mobilizing too fast. Back down your dosage if it persists more than 2 days. See wild GI spasms. If symptoms pass in 2 days, a very good sign. Probably a yeast die off. Nuetrophil are kicking back into yeast killer mode.

Itchy skin: mercury extraction and yeast die off, in and under places you would never have guessed? May be another good sign, it means your body is getting the amino acids distributed. All reports so far say itchiness lasts a week at most. If you have a different experience, let me know and I'll publish it.

Purchasing Glutathione Boosting And Vitamin Programs

Amino acids have a shelf life, and are not all equally available at retail. Fresh NAC and old NAC seem to have a 10X potency difference. NAC can be real spendy at over the counter retail prices.

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Hg's NutraCopia     He's a busy guy, more good information will appear on his web site over time. 

N-Acetyl Cysteine    History, and fuller discussion of NAC, very good references!

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