An Open Letter to Dentists

 Dear Dentist,

Most likely you find my web pages connecting CFS to mercury poisoning from mercury amalgam fillings disturbing. Perhaps you even find them infuriating. You feel that I am giving dentistry a bad name, and causing people to question the faith they put in you and your profession.

You have done much to become a dentist. It has taken hard work, the financial expense of going through school, and the risk of setting up a practice. You don't deserve people like me casting aspersions against you and your profession.

Please understand one thing, there is plenty of hurt to go around for everyone.

The reason I am writing these web pages is because I was desperately ill for 11 years. I am convinced my illness stemmed from poisoning due to my mercury amalgam dental fillings.

I was abandoned by the established medical profession who blamed my illness on me, essentially saying I only imagined my symptoms. My family and friends didn't know what to make of me. Many people treated me as though my illness was somehow my own fault.

Never giving up hope for a cure, I eventually discovered that I had mercury poisoning. Dental fillings are the only compelling source of mercury available to have caused this poisoning.

I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt, due to extensive reports of independent scientific studies that mercury amalgam fillings constantly release mercury into the human body. Conclusive in my case is that I dramatically regained health 1 year after removing all of my occlusal mercury amalgam fillings.

My anecdote is important in that it gives me an insightful reference system. It provides motivation to speak out on this pervasive health problem.

Just looking at the numbers of people manifesting CFS, you can spot at least another 500,000 people suffering just as I did, with no known cause and no known cure. Looking wider at all immune related diseases with no known cause or cure, you can spot 10's of millions of devastated people.

Spreading knowledge so these suffering people can know how to recover is my moral imperative. Providing the information of these web pages to those who need it most is the outlet for my personal anger over the loss of 11 years of health.

Suing you and your industry, and encouraging others to sue you, is not on my agenda. Legal action against you is not going to help anyone overcome illness caused by corroding mercury amalgam fillings. Helping those in need is a much more compelling cause than acting to punish those who may unwittingly be at fault.

If you are willing to forgo your anger and vindictiveness, know then that I have already redirected mine.

It is my observation that dentists are victims of the same faulty system of beliefs and poor science that ruined 11 years of my life. Your own health has been put at risk by what you have been taught to do with mercury.

Unwittingly you have been betraying the good health of your patients. If you have a moral conscience, this fact should be a heavy burden.

I agree that in many ways you are undeserving of the storm cloud of disaster that is traveling in your direction. Your motives have always been focused on what you believed to be the well being of your patients.

The professional ignorance and arrogance exhibited by the dental profession over the use of mercury has been inherited from 150 years of faith, opinion and tradition. A legacy that has been sadly misguided, and is not well founded in modern scientific knowledge.

At this point in your career you have to decide the depth of your own moral being. With knowledge comes responsibility, and ultimately accountability. Now, and in the days ahead, your character will be tested. The first test of your intellectual honesty and moral nature is the reading of this letter, and it's associated web pages.
You are caught in a way of thinking that is the "status quo" for your profession. It is difficult to step out of that box. You want the truth to be what you feel it should be. The truth is the truth, regardless of how you feel about it. Eventually the truth will be self evident to everyone.

It is not impossible for you to embrace the truth. First you must place your moral being and love for truth and love for fellow humans above your apparent economic self interest, and professional pride. Others sharing the same intellectual paradigms as you, have changed their opinion after honestly reviewing the health facts of mercury.

I have a friend at work who is a metallurgist. He has more than six years experience doing amalgam experiments at a dental school. He was very surprised that mercury from dental fillings had made me ill.

He was open to the notion that something exceptional could have happened in just my case. His first thoughts were that perhaps a dentist had put too much mercury in the mix, or had improperly triturated the amalgams.

He was confident that the mercury was chemically bonded when properly mixed, and shouldn't be able to escape. He also felt that it would take some real energy to break those chemical bonds and free the mercury.

My friend was wrong and right. He was wrong about the mercury escaping, right about the energy required to set it free.

Galvanism is the required energy reaction to free mercury, and is present in every mouth. He now sees how it works. His recent comment to me "I'm amazed everyone isn't ill from those things !"

Lets Review the Facts

1. Mercury historically has averaged 50% of the mercury amalgam filling mass. Today amalgam fillings are 40-50% mercury as distributed under brands such as Caulk, Darby, Degusa, Healthco, IDE, J&J, Kent, Kerr, SDI, Schein, Ternalloy, Towne, and Zenith.

Large molar fillings can have between 200 mg to 2 grams of mercury upon installation. A person with a dozen fillings can easily have 4 grams of mercury installed in their mouth.

2. Mercury is a proven heavy metal toxin. Case studies on the health effects of known mercury poisoning demonstrate insidious and varied symptoms from individual to individual.

The CDC has guessed at safe levels for humans based on animal studies. Safe levels have not ever been proven on actual humans.

Certain genotypes are suspected to be more sensitive to mercury. Females have problems at least 2:1 over males. Exposure in animals has demonstrated mercury causing damage and adverse health effects in every major organ including:

  • Lungs
  • Heart
  • Brain
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Intestines
  • Immune System
  • Endocrine: Pituitary, Thyroid, Pancreas
  • Peripheral nervous system
  • Placenta and fetus
  • more....

Equally alarming are the psychological effects documented in those suffering from even mild mercury toxicity: depression, anxiety, insecurity and uncontrollable anger.

3. Mercury is known to escape from the fillings as vapor, particles, and soluble ions; from corrosion, galvanism, and abrasion. These mercury products are a direct result of the deterioration of the filling. Fillings are documented to deteriorate by the following means:

  • crevice corrosion
  • selective corrosion
  • galvanic corrosion in contact with dissimilar metals
  • stress corrosion cracking
  • general corrosion
  • mechanical wear

European researchers have examined fillings removed from systemically ill persons. They have used energy dispersive x-rays to estimate the quantity of residual mercury. Their work has demonstrated some individual fillings to be missing more than 100 mg of mercury after residing in vivo some years. The only place the escaped mercury could have gone was the hosts body tissues and GI track.

4. Mercury escaped from amalgam fillings is suspect in many systemic illnesses. No one has demonstrated irrefutable scientific cause for any of these, yet. Be sure there are a growing number of sick people who have come to suspect the following health problems are caused by mercury amalgam deterioration in the mouth:

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
  • Asthma
  • Food Allergies
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Alzheimers Disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Chrons Disease
  • Lupus
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)
  • more.....

What is an Open Minded, Open Hearted Dentist to Do ?

Perhaps you first need to review all the full research papers listed on this web site. Please do it! The more you know, the more clear it will become to you what your responsibility, potential liability, and strategy for facing this issue will become.

Now is when you have to decide what is most important to you. Is it money, ego, and professional pride that you value most? Or is it genuine compassion for people, their health and suffering that wins your heart ?

You have two fundamental choices in addressing the issue of poisoning from mercury amalgam dental fillings.

1. Denial. Based on faith in your profession, you will deny the validity of the scientific data presented on this web site. Further, you will discredit researchers reporting this information.

You will declare that all patients who claim recovery of illness by removal of mercury amalgam fillings "crackpots", of having mental problems, or some psychological need to blame their problems on their fillings.

You will condemn all dentists who remove "serviceable amalgams" for the purpose of curing systemic illness "quacks" and "con men". You will shake your head at all these "mercury free dentists" as a bunch of granola crunching, sandal wearing, new age "fruit cakes".

2. Exercise Intellectual Honesty, Morality, and Responsibility. As of yet there is not enough scientific data referenced here to absolutely prove cause of any of the suspected illnesses. There is more than enough scientific information here to raise serious doubt about the safety of mercury amalgam fillings.

You are a moral person who has compassion and concern for your patients health beyond the chewing surfaces. You genuinely care about your patients desire for good health and long life. You remember your Hippocratic oath "First, do no harm".

You recognize that cause for doubt about the safety of mercury amalgams fillings exceeds what you can believe about their safety. What did you know about poisoning from mercury amalgam fillings? When did you know it? What did you do once you knew? These will be the central questions if you are held accountable for systemic illness caused by your dental practice.

Here is what I suggest the enlightened dentist do:

  • Just Say No! Refuse to install the mercury poison in peoples mouths. You know there are many alternatives!
  • Inform your patients of the four mercury amalgam facts outlined above.
  • For your own protection, seek informed, written consent from your patients before removing any mercury amalgam fillings.
  • Learn everything you can about the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings. Use that knowledge to protect yourself, your staff, and your patients.
  • Learn everything you can about mercury chelation, detoxification, and vitamin therapy. Use that knowledge to guide your chronically ill patients to reliable resources for restoring health.
  • Show compassion for the chronically sick and destitute. Donate part of your practice to helping those people who have been ruined by mercury poisoning to the point of economic helplessness.
  • While ignoring what it means to be "ethical to the ADA" be moral in dealing with your patients. Speak out against mercury amalgams. Help people diagnose systemic mercury poisoning where it is evident.

My Final Appeal

Life is about more than just money. Some day you will be dead and have no need for money. Life is about people, responsibility, and morality. Right and wrong do exist, there will be judgment.

Sociopaths care not for their fellow humans, having no ability to experience empathy or understand morality, they care only for themselves.

All the dentists I know personally are good people who deserve respect. They have genuine compassion for their patients.

Don't be misled by professional pride and arrogance. Until someone proves to you that mercury amalgam fillings cause no systemic health risk, your ignorance is gambling with your patients good health and desire for long life.

Reversing mercury amalgam poisoning in those who are sick requires your skills. These people have time released poison embedded in their mouths, it's a terrifying predicament.

This third amalgam war has the weight of extensive scientific research coming down on the side opposing the use of mercury amalgam fillings.

This new knowledge will prevail. Those who deny it too long will take a fall. Sweden and Finland have all but outlawed mercury amalgam fillings. The largest mercury amalgam dental supplier in Germany is exiting the business ahead of an avalanche of litigation.

Now is the time for you to act on your enlightenment and good moral character -- go mercury free!


Jeff Clark


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