Kathryns Letter to Dateline NBC

Kathyrn copied me on her e-mail to Dateline. It relates a brief introduction to her personal struggle with a "mystery" illness, and draws an interesting parallel between our wide spread contamination with mercury and the wide spread lead poisoning in the corrupt days before the fall of the Roman Empire.

Jeff Clark

Dear Dateline News -- reporters, researchers and producers:

Two days ago I saw a copy of All In Your Head by Huggins in a health food store. The clerk told me they hadn't read it yet, that they had ordered it because a trusted person had told them it contained incredibly important information.

I sat and read quite a bit. While I wasn't satisfied that I was getting all the information I needed to come to a conclusion, there was enough that rang true for me to remember it this morning and pursue the subject on the internet.

I'll try to make this short.

I'm very, very ill. My illnesses are destroying my life (my career and finances are already in ruins). After numerous surgeries on my throat (abscesses, cyst, scar tissue from infections) I continue to suffer new problems (most recently a radically swollen tongue which can be controlled by constant use of an anti-fungal medication but which my doctor cannot give any explanation for). My hormones are obviously malfunctioning. Following numerous gastroenterological test with nothing found to explain my debilitating abdominal pain, laparoscopic surgery showed that my colon was encased in scar tissue involving other organs also, that the colon was adhered to the abdominal wall and the stomach adhered densely to the liver. My very trusted surgeon (a GYN who specializes in infertility and hormone problems) could not even suggest a possible reason for this.

At the moment I'm facing more surgery, because my esophagus will not close at my stomach and my reflux is "tremendous" based on a 24-hour pH monitoring test. The doctors cannot suggest any reason why my esophageal muscle no longer works. There is no pathology, nothing.

I had major dental work done twice in my life -- in 1978 and 1982. Early in 1979 and 1983 I suffered from major nervous breakdowns.

The newest amalgam in my mouth is about 10 years old now. I know that one or more of them is breaking up because I get the pieces on my tongue from time to time. I suffered a third major nervous breakdown in 1993.

I won't go into all the details in this note -- after all, I've only just found this subject. But, after years of illness, thousands upon thousands of dollars in surgery, therapy, medication, lost income and exhausting pain, I believe I've found the root cause. Need I say that I have many amalgams? My parents were lax about our brushing our teeth -- saying 'uh-huh' when asked if we had brushed was good enough for them. My four siblings and I spent many an hour in a dentist's chair as children. Nearly everyone of my teeth (including front teeth) have amalgams, with several root canals, threaded "gold" pins screwed into tooth enamel to anchor especially large amalgams and two "gold" crowns. (I put gold in quotes because I remember the pressure applied when the gold pins where screwed in with pliers, real gold doesn't take that kind of torque or stress.)

My mind is reeling from the implications. Not only is my mouth full of the probable cause of my years of distress and the ruination of my dreams, but I'm facing terrible odds against my being able to follow the necessary steps to remove the poison from my teeth, to remove the existing mercury from my system, and to pursue recovery.

At the time of the Fall of the Roman Empire only the most wealthy could afford to have water piped directly into their homes, others had to carry water in vases. Unfortunately for their civilization, the then state-of-the-art pipes were crafted from nearly pure lead. The lead poisoning of the leading citizens of ancient Rome and the subsequent influence of lead poisoning on their children is well-documented fact.

The wealthier Romans also made and used cooking pots and other food utensils of lead, thereby speeding the ingestion of lead in their diets. It's interesting that one so often sees the quote (Socrates?) about the decline of the moral quality of the youth of their day -- much as it's said so often of the last 50 years in the US.

Are we poisoning our entire generation?

I hope to hear more -- more carefully and completely examined -- on this subject from you in the future. I realize that you have a credibility problem here. You should realize that you've shot yourself in the foot -- ignoring it won't make it right.



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