Joanne's Long Journey

Joanne's journey almost didn't start. The arrogance of a dental paradigm that has haunted her whole life, could have ended her beginning. Being the first child to survive her mothers womb, she began to suffer right from the start. A mothers loving desire to provide "modern dentistry" to her child, set Joanne up for life-long mystery illnesses, and heartbreaks. Joanne's story has a happy ending, and she wants you to share in the hope she's found.

- Jeff Clark

I have read with rapt attention all of the valuable information you have disseminated over the Internet to reach people who otherwise might continue to drown in their increasingly soupy brain fog.

I am undergoing chelation therapy for the removal of mercury, lead and aluminum that are still stored in my body. I am at a good place in my journey after 10 years of research, using myself as a guinea pig.

It was in 1994 that I finally had the remaining three quadrants of mercury fillings removed over 11 hours in two days. I had driven two hours to Tyler, Texas to the office of Steven Tyler DDS, who specializes in the removal of mercury fillings. The procedure was followed by three weeks of horribly magnified symptoms, after which I woke up one morning and my stomach wasn't queasy, the bones of my feet didn't hurt when I walked, and my food allergies and ability to digest had improved 90% with Candida suddenly under control.

Looking back, I have had symptoms all of my life after being born the first "living" child of a mother who had recently had all of her bad teeth removed and replaced with dentures. They were without a doubt filled with amalgam before extraction. My early symptoms included milk intolerance, numerous unidentified allergies, and chronic tonsillitis.

My mother took me to the dentist regularly beginning at age six, when I had my first amalgam fillings placed. She made sure I had every six-month checkup, and I remember having new fillings after almost every checkup.

By the age of 20 almost every tooth was filled. I recall the puzzled expression on my doctor's face when he performed a routine examination and informed me that I had developed a "heart murmur." This of course was due to mitral valve prolapse. In addition, there was severe menstrual bleeding, fatigue, increasing intolerance to foods, and depression. There were several bouts with viruses with accompanying severe weight loss in my early twenties and the ever-present fatigue. Insomnia was plaguing me worse than ever.

I experienced three miscarriages in a row in my late twenties, then surgery for endodemetriosis. My first child was still born in 1980 with birth defects. The placenta was also defective. I delivered a healthy child the following year after a complicated pregnancy. Then two other babies followed in 1983 and 1986. What I know now is that I dumped a huge load of mercury into the baby that died. It sounds just like the sheep studies.

Meanwhile, between the first and third babies I required surgery for gum disease as well as two root canals and several crowns. I was hospitalized in 1983 with peritonitis and received no less than five broad spectrum antibiotics ( I guess they didn't want to leave one living critter in my body.) This was the beginning of a rapid downward spiral. The food allergies soared. I was plagued with constant diarrhea and bloating.

I sometimes blacked out while driving and had to pull off the road. I couldn't spend much time out among people because the chemical smells and electromagnetic emissions made me so sick. I had no energy, a constant sore throat, and my temperature would plummet suddenly, leaving me shivering with cold even on warm days. I hated the eczema and acne. There were nightmares (when I could sleep) and on at least two occasions, hallucinations. I often had the sensation of spinning out of my body.

Once a searing pain radiating from my jaw into my chest dropped me to my knees. I remember thinking that if I hadn't been in my early 30's I would have been certain I was having a heart attack. There was numbness and weakness in my extremities, accompanied by lack of balance and coordination. And, of course, there was the ever-present brain fog. I remember trying desperately to probe my memory to recall the last dose of Tylenol I had taken for the migraines that never seemed to cease.

Over a period of time I learned to rotate foods and found supplements and treatments that would enable me to get through the day. But it was the increasingly severe kidney infections (just like the sheep) that made me feel that I might actually die of whatever was causing all of these symptoms. It was at this time that my wonderful doctor told me, "I can't do anything else for you. You need to get your fillings out."

Eureka! There was no arthritis, no brain tumor, no Crohn's disease, no neuromuscular disease! I was suffering from mercury poisoning. I had believed all along that there was on underlying cause, and that underneath those bizarre and numerous symptoms was a healthy person.

I am currently working at a clinic in Dallas that uses chelation to help people who are suffering from heavy metal toxicity. I remember how alone I felt all those years of searching for and answer. I don't want anyone to have to suffer that way. I am still chelating with DMPS as well as oral chelators. And I am careful to get the in-between mineral buildup infusions.

I have recently added colonics, liver cleanses, and ozone sauna treatments to assist my body in moving toxins out. I finally feel in control of my health, and I have my brain back.


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