Jan's Story

Jan was minding her own business, just trying to live her own life. Insufferable health problems kept coming at her from seemingly nowhere. Like most people who are never informed about the mercury in their dental fillings, it took a lot of suffering, and an agonizingly long stretch of her life to put two and two together.

- Jeff Clark

My story begins in 1985 when I was 22, in wonderful health, having recently become mother to two healthy boys born 19 months apart. At the time I had only a few small fillings, but was in need of more dental work.

After meeting Jim, who is now my husband, I started having my dental work done. As we could afford it, I had a little work done at a time. When I became pregnant with our daughter, I continued having "silver" dental fillings placed in my teeth, without any warnings or concerns expressed by my dentist.

Chelsey was born healthy. Shortly after she was born, I went in for a root canal. By now I was 26. I subsequently had two severe episodes of headache that were so bad my mother had to take me to the hospital while my husband cared for the children.

I soon was unbelievably tired all the time. Before having my daughter, I'd always been able to bounce right back from whatever ailed me. Soon I started catching every illness the kids went through, ear aches, even strep throat. It seemed my throat was sore quite often.

We moved to Oregon for Jim's new job, which also brought great health benefits, so I started having more dental work done. This was the when my stomach started hurting, and I was put on zantac for a year. My energy levels just wouldn't return to what they used to be. For my stomach problems the doctor ordered an upper GI examine. When that didn't show anything he tried a lower GI examine. Nothing was found there either.

I did manage to keep working, I still wonder how I did it.

Not realizing there could be any connection, I continued to have more dental work done. In 1994 I had yet another root canal put next to the previous one. Within days I started suffering anxiety attacks. After one episode when I was taken to the hospital, I began thinking my time on earth was about to be up. I went back to the doctor and was given tranquilizers. (It was all in my head, right?)

After the latest root canal I began to have stomach cramps and trouble digesting foods in ways I had never had trouble before. I went to see a gastroenterologist. He had me tested for lactose intolerance, the result was positive. So I stopped eating dairy, and it helped.

I began watching my diet more carefully, but just couldn't get back to feeling good. I had returned to my work as a chef, and was doing okay despite being tired and depressed. Everyone kept telling me how awful I looked, with big black circles under my eyes. I felt as bad as I looked.

After all this, I went back to the dentist for a check up, and ended up needing one small filling. So I had it done. Within a week of the "silver" filling, I was having anxiety attacks again. My stomach hurt so bad I couldn't work. I could barely function.

You think I would have made the connection by now, but nope! The doctor had me try prozac. It hurt my stomach so bad I couldn't take it. I now think that was a blessing.

I had a metallic taste in my mouth, and called the dentist to ask about it. The dental hygienist said I probably needed my teeth cleaned again. So I let them polish the "silver" fillings once more. If only I'd known then, what I know now.

Finally, a concerned friend recommended a Doctor in Yakima, an MD who is an allergist, and a homeopath. I had to do something different, I was desperate. I went to see Doctor W. and he started testing me for allergies. He first helped me rid my body of yeast. I still fight the yeast. I suspect they are still a problem because I have not been able to have all the 'silver" fillings removed yet. I finally did a mercury challenge test, with results that went off the charts.

Currently I've been through one mercury detox with good results. The brain fog left, and my concentration has improved. I'm not working outside the home, and haven't for almost 2 years. I keep very busy with 3 children, and that seems to take all the energy I have. I have a terrible time with sweets, and must stay away from them.

Another story I'll be sharing sometime, is the story of my daughter. I feel my mercury has affected her little body and life. I think she absorbed mercury through me during pregnancy and nursing. This never would have happen if we had lived in California. That state has a law requiring the dentist to inform pregnant and nursing mothers about the hazards of mercury in "silver" fillings.


p.s. you can send me e-mail at: jdmagote@ucinet.com

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