Mercury Poisoning Links

Recommended High Quality Information Resources

Cascade Health Group Mail_Bob
- These are the folks that treated me! Bob can give you a local referal.

UK Amalgam Page
- Fantastic Resource on this Subject!

Mercury Page Old:
- Bo Walhjalt's old page. Enormous data, you provide your own conclusions.

Mercury Page New:
- Bo Walhjalt's new page. Bo has decided to become more pointed. Go Bo!!

The Crusade Against Dental Amalgam
- My friend Dave provides lots of links to amalgam related topics.

Home of Leif Hedegards Mercury pages including link to the FAQ.
- Leif maintains a scientific aloofness. Leif's own experience was to have an illness with mercury as a suspected cause.
He became well after removing his amalgams.

Books on Mercury Amalgam, and Effects on Health
- Sam Ziff Provides Excellent Material !

Reversing Alzheimer's Disease
- Tom Warren takes you through his alarming findings.

Select Information Gleaned From the Web

CDC Official Statement on Safe Human Mercury Levels: a "Guesstimate" from Studies on Rodents

The ADA's Official Mercury Amalgam "Positioning Statement".

An alternate view of the last 150 years
- A page kept by Bo Walhjalt.

The ADA's Ethics Statement Against Amalgam Removal
- You can have them removed for cosmetic reasons -- Just not to restore your health!

Amalgam Suppliers Data Sheet
- Mercury, mercury, mercury -- Did you think I was making it up ?

- It's not that big a business compared to $1+ Trillion in potential liability.

Free Form Amino Acids

Amino Acid Analysis

Treatment of CFS with Specific Amino Acids

N-Acetyl Cysteine
- This is a fundamental material for your bodies defense mechanisms.

The quality links go on and on....

The Mercury Controversy
- A concise review of the health hazards of mercury.

An MD's Overview of Amalgam Mercury Poisoning & Treatment Plan

A Dentist Speaks Out Against Amalgam Fillings

An MD Describes Mercury Amalgam Poisoning

Another MD Describes Mercury Amalgam Poisoning

An Arm of Centers for Disease Control Notes Dental Procedures Cause Mercury Toxicity

Immune-Related Resources

Epidemological evidence of harm from amalgam

Mercury Contamination In
- Another page maintained by Bo Walhjalt

The American Porphyria Foundation

The Mercury Controversy

A Scientific Response Part 1 of 3

Browbeaten Part 2 of 3

Mercury Dental "Silver" Fillings:

Is Mercury Toxicity an Autoimmune Disorder?

Chronic Illness and Chronic Mercury Exposure



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