Faith Healing

 Faith healing is the only kind of healing. People put their faith in God, in the knowledge of healers, in the life within them, and they misplace their faith. Careful, questioning diversification of faith is the only proven guide to healing.

Faith in God

There are two important ways faith in God helps people heal.

God's power. God listens to prayer, gives guidance to all that seek him, has a purpose for everyone, and will empower all your righteous endeavors, including your quest for healing. God's power is not accessed by sitting in a chair and waiting.

You are a physical being, living in a physical world with physical requirements for your healing. God alone will keep your spirit whole. Your body will need access to the fruits of the physical world for it's healing.

God's release. By placing yourself completely in God's hands, you let go of the stress, turmoil and anxiety over your problems. The reassurance from this faith frees your mind, your soul and your body.

A free mind is open to learning and guidance as you seek the knowledge to be healed. A free soul has confidence that in the end all will be well. A body not experiencing the stress of worry is free to put all of it's resources into healing.

Faith in Healers

All healers have knowledge. None has perfect knowledge. Medical science is greatly advanced in this age, it is far from perfect. As scientific as your MD may sound, you are still exercising faith to trust in his care.

When you go to the doctor you are placing faith that he will take you seriously. If you have CFS, and other problems not found in the medical textbooks, often doctors don't take you seriously.

Doctors have an abusive habit of blaming conditions they cannot diagnose on the emotions and mental health of the patient. Such an approach may free the physician from feelings of inadequacy, allowing blameless, guilt free sleep at night for the MD. I find the practice completely medieval in it's disrespectful treatment of patients.

The true scientist is willing to say "I don't know". A true intellectual is challenged by mystery and will attempt to sleuth out a cause where one is not readily known. Blaming and accusing the already despairing patient of imagining their health problems is a loathsome way to protect an MD's ego.

You are taking a risk, and exercising faith that you are being properly diagnosed. Many problems have overlapping symptoms. You may get the one that fits the MD's current drug knowledge, not the diagnosis that describes your actual problem.

You are taking it on faith that the prescribed treatment will work on you, and not give you a serious side effect. FDA approved drugs are shown to provide the stated benefit in most people, and not have serious side effects in most people. But are you most people ?

You are taking it on faith that the dosage rates developed on statistical data is right for you. Statistical averages are based on a range of results. Are you more sensitive than most? Will your MD notice if you are ? All part of the faith healing.

Faith in Life

As arrogantly as we humans approach reality in the late 20th century, there is still so much we don't know. Life is something we recognize when we see it, and we can tell when it is missing. What changes an odd mix of chemical compounds and protein structures from being just that, and a living creature ?

We can describe life in incredible detail as we observe it, but we still can't put our fingers on just exactly what it is that causes life. If the life scientists ever breach this understanding, we will all know it, because they will proclaim they have created life.

As for now, life is a mystery, life is short, life is precious, life is the only reality we can be objectively certain about.

We have learned enough to know that the living organism is made up of extremely complex systems and components. The human is a more significant design than anything created by any engineers and scientists anywhere, ever.

We living humans did not come with schematics, documentation, or even a service manual from the designer. Everything known in life sciences has been "reverse engineered". The complexities and numerical combinations, called permutations, is mind boggling. Everything we observe, everything we think we know, has the chance of being quite different in each individual.

Putting faith in life to heal itself is a far more humble approach than traditional western medicine, which puts man, the MD in particular, in the position of acting as though privy to God's mind.

Grandma always prescribed chicken soup and bed rest for much of what ailed you during childhood. The humble wisdom of grandmothers everywhere is this faith in life to heal itself. Chicken soup is nutrition, short chain proteins, fatty acids, and free amino acids, among other things. Bed rest is time for the body to focus on conquering the enemy, and repairing itself.

Food supplements, vitamins, amino acids, all are supplying the body with raw materials. Faith is placed in the bodies desire for health, and mechanisms for creating health. The supplemented nutrients take away the burden of reducing large form foods for specific, critical ingredients. In a way, this is the same as taking the load off your feet in bed. It allows the body to focus it's energy on the healing.

If you are severely deficient in some essential materials, supplementing achieves an uplift in those materials in a short time.

When you are in perfect health, are not loaded in toxins, and eat a nutritionally rich and full diet, you shouldn't need any supplements. A worthy goal for everyone.

Misplaced Faith

When I read a self righteous MD proclaiming another pushing herbs and vitamins a "quack", I am not impressed.

Name calling has never done anything but aggravate differences. It was true when I was a child, it's true as an adult. In reality, the only difference among such MD's is in the emphasis of one faith over the other. The true fallacy of these attitudes is that healing often requires both faiths, and shouldn't be a point of contention.

Medical practitioners and healers of all stripes are selling you, for profit, the same thing, faith healing. Each has some valid knowledge, some insight, and some success to bolster their claims. They all have some aspects that I could rightfully call "quackery".

When an MD is holding the test result showing that the cause of infection is Epstein-Barr virus, then goes ahead and prescribes antibiotics anyway, what do you call that ? This recently happened to my older brother.

What do you call it when an MD prescribes antibiotics for "what's been going around", without objectively verifying that's what you have ? This is a crucial aspect of how I fell into 11 years of CFS.

Drugs are a misplaced faith. We seem to all be looking for that magic pill that will cure our ills overnight. Very few drugs cure anything. Most in fact are aimed at hiding symptoms. Symptoms are results, not causes. A cure comes only from resolving the cause.

We would not accept such faulty reasoning for our cars, why do we accept it with the health of ourselves and our loved ones ? Let me give some silly examples of an MD fixing your car with the symptom hiding strategy, to make my point clear.

"Doctor, doctor my car is making a funny noise".

"Here, wear these ear plugs and you won't hear it anymore." or, "Here, turn the radio on LOUD!"

"Doctor, doctor, my car has a flat tire and won't drive straight."

"Lets surgically remove all four tires so the car will drive straight."

"Doctor, doctor, my brakes squeak."

"Let's oil the brake pads." or "Lets surgically remove the brake pedal!"

"Doctor, doctor, this red light keeps flashing."

"No problem, we'll just snip the wire, here."

"Doctor, doctor, my car is sluggish."

"Why is your car choosing to be sluggish ? Is it having self esteem problems ?, not getting washed ?, lousy parking spots ?, stressed from rush hour traffic ?, didn't get those new tires ?, doesn't like hauling the kids and dog ?, depressed about not being a Ferrari ?"

By now it's apparent I'm tweaking the nose of traditional western medicine. Don't let my tweaking fool you, I believe in science greatly. My reasoning and proposals found throughout this web site are based on sound medical / scientific literature and knowledge.

On balance, there is a lot of good in our extensive scientific medical knowledge. It is however, far from perfect. Western medicine is sorely in need of some humility and open minded examination of it's dogmas. We patients, for our own sake, need to find diversification and completeness by adding the other two healing faiths.

The alternative medicine world is full of misplaced faiths, as well as sound knowledge. My bottom line is that if it can't be explained referencing meaningful, verifiable facts, then there is every reason to beware. Some practices are downright scary, others simply absurd.

Diversification of Faith

All three of the faiths described have great value and contribute to healing.

The only people I've ever seen harmed by trusting God, are those who expected his physical intervention. They did nothing but wait. Others have found great comfort, calm, and release from trusting God, and they did find a path to their goal. A path they had to walk and follow themselves.

Healers have knowledge and experience. Do not take anyone's word without question. The person too full of them self to listen to you, answer your questions thoughtfully, or admit it when they don't know, doesn't deserve your business.

Yes business! Doctors are among the very highest paid people in the U.S., and they absolutely are in business. They are completely reliant upon selling you services for their money.

Put faith in your life. Buried within you is a desire to live way beyond your conscious mind. The true complete knowledge of healing is found only within God's mind and your life. Honor life, feed life, trust life, put faith in your life to heal you.

Stay away from everything that doesn't follow facts and logic. There is logic in every truth in the universe. Where there isn't a progression of logic, there is often just absurdity. Absurdity will heal no one, and may cause great harm.

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