Donna's Demise

When your immune system is depressed from a toxin like mercury, where does one problem begin and another problem end ? Mercury is not thought to be a carcinogen. But can its immunosuppression in susceptible people enable cancer to survive and grow ? Donna has been down, she is far from out. She presents lessons for everyone who wants to live long, and live well.

- Jeff Clark

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for returning my e-mail. I have been a visitor to your website
numerous times, and wanted to contact you to thank you for all of the
information you provide to people like me.

I too, have suffered greatly from Mercury poisoning, and also systemic
Candida, and your website was one of the first sources of information
that I found documenting the connection between these two evils.

A couple of years ago I had been seeing holistic practitioners for about
6 months when one of them finally suggested a hair analysis. The
analysis came back with an indication of heavy Mercury in my system, and
I began to have my fillings replaced. (I should mention that I had been
battling the Candida for almost the whole 6 months with little

Unfortunately, I made two critical errors in the amalgam replacement
process. The first was I used my regular dentist for the work- I had a
lot of faith in him, and he was pretty open to what I was trying to
accomplish, but he is not a 'holistic' dentist, and did not follow
holistic procedures. Then, and this was the worst mistake, I became
frustrated with the speed of the process- as I had a lot of fillings to
replace- and the last two visits, (which were 3 weeks apart), I had my
whole bottom jaw done. Two and one half months later I was diagnosed
with breast cancer.

I obviously cannot prove the connection between the mercury and the
cancer. In fact, I believe that my body had so many layers of toxins;
the Candida, parasites, the mercury and the resulting low immunity and
poor health, that the amalgam replacement process was merely the straw
that pushed me over the edge.

Following my diagnosis I had a lumpectomy, god-awful chemotherapy, and
then radiation, and I am doing very well now. The cancer had not spread
to my lymph nodes, but because the lump was a little over a centimeter
in length I was diagnosed with stage two cancer. I will have to live
with that the rest of my life.

As for my health, it is difficult to evaluate the immediate difference
the amalgam replacement had, because the cancer treatments followed so
closely behind the dental work. However, a year after the amalgams were
all replaced, I felt my health had improved greatly. Also, I am now
seeing a wonderful holistic doctor, who specializes in Candida
treatment, and I would estimate that I have eradicated close to 80% of
the beast from my body. (I also see an iridologist, and a healing touch

This process of 'holistic medicine' had been very interesting yet
frustrating for me. When I first started seeing these kinds of
practitioners, I took every thing I was told for the gospel truth, but
gradually, I started to rely more and more on my own research and gut
feelings to guide me- and this was when I truly started down the road to
recovering my health. Now, I see a few trusted doctors, and evaluate and
research every new step I take, which I guess is taking personal
responsibility for my own health.

Anyway, that's my story, and I wanted to share it with you because I
have valued the information you have provided to others like myself. If
you should ever decide to share with others any information concerning
me and my health, please feel free.

Thanks again Jeff for all your efforts!


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