Open Letter to Dateline-NBC

The letter in the following section was sent to the people at Dateline-NBC the night of their one sided, scathing attack on Hal Huggins. This was the broadcast in which they positioned dental mercury poisoning as an imagined health issue.

This introduction is for Dateline-NBC, if they decide to come seeking the truth, and for you dear reader, to understand the context that caused this letter to be written.

I'm not an avid Huggins supporter per se. Hal Huggins and the dental mercury issue are not one and the same. Though I give Hal huge credit for courageously taking an unpopular stand in this health debacle. Hal has taken his stand on the side of humanity.

Unfortunately, Hal's extreme positions have been repeatedly used as a foil for defending the ADA's status quo of implanting mercury poison into peoples mouths. The Dateline report being only the most recent and most visible example.

The only reason I can see for such a vociferous attack from the ADA and their supporters is to deflect attention away from their own liabilities.

Instead of people thinking, "My God!, the ADA put poison in my mouth, they owe me a remedy and restitution!". The ADA is trying to reframe the question into the terms of "don't be snookered out of your money, by one of our rogue dentists and health providers".

Please forgive my emotion -- the cost of dental work -- putting in amalgams, taking out amalgams, putting in gold crowns etc. is by far the smallest part of the economic cost of mercury amalgam poisonings.

When you consider the economic, social, emotional, human tragedy of some one losing a decade of health with a "no cause and no cure CFS", suffering permanent neurological damage to MS, and perhaps even having an early death or suicide due to dental mercury, the dollar cost of the actual dental work is inconsequential, the moral cost incalculable.

What you saw folks, was official, unsubstantiated opinions. "Fillings don't leak much mercury", to quote one of the people on the show. Where's the supporting data ? How come so many amalgams fall out and need replacing ? Where does all that corroding metal and it's mercury go ? (Please look to my other web pages to see some actual scientific references and data on these questions. )

In a wicked twist of logic, Dateline helped the ADA in their quest to position the burden of proof as being on those who question whether the poison mercury is in fact a poison. A great marketing move, but clearly not the scientific method.

The ADA insists that all people who claim poisoning from mercury fillings are just anecdotes, do not deserve to be heard, and do not represent scientific proof.

Then they turn around and contend that since there is no scientific proof that anyone ever gets poisoning from mercury fillings, that point alone proves that mercury fillings are safe!!

Dateline used introductory voice-overs as a theatrical trick intended to have the people claiming recovery from dental amalgam sound like hollow echoes. Beyond this artful production, there were no examples presented of people who have recovered from chronic illness by eliminating dental mercury from their bodies. It isn't as if they looked, and found there weren't any available.

I empathize with the two ladies presented on the show. One had no known health problems, but had undertaken major preventative dental work to eliminate her mercury amalgams. She was obviously dissatisfied with the outcome. A situation many people have had with the work of many dentists over many years. Clearly, she was suffering buyers remorse. She felt a grievous loss over her new dental work, a truly distressing way to feel.

Another woman had MS that appeared to have already reached a state of permanent neurological damage. Removing the amalgam now, could help reduce future autoimmune attacks, but that's all.

The horrifying part is that permanent neurological damage is just that, permanent.

While the broadcast focused on how Huggins allegedly took advantage of this person by offering her hopes for a recovery from permanent neurological damage -- Dateline brushed off the far more serious allegation that the ADA's mercury put her in that condition in the first place.

You tell me which is the more heinous crime? :

  • Poisoning someone with mercury, causing them to develop MS, which then develops into permanent neurological damage, and then exerting all your prestige, power and influence to remove any honest consideration of cause and culpability?
  • Offering someone hope for recovery from MS, only to discover that the person has already suffered permanent neurological damage, and you were too late ?

Great show Dateline-NBC, are you guys thinking clearly ?

Perhaps you've been duped by a health establishment that puts it's own financial interest and professional pride ahead of it's patients desires for long life and good health !

The consequence of siding up with the ADA and taking their every opinion as gospel truth, is that you now have a hand in the future. You have contributed to the creation of more wards full of people who have permanently lost neurological control of their bodies, CFS, immune dysfunction, mental illness, and more.

Most Sincerely,

Jeff Clark

Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 20:32:28
From: Jeff Clark
Subject: Your Mercury Fillings Report 5/13/97....

Dear Stone Phillips, Jane Pauley, Robert Bezell, et. al...

I'm astonished at the lack of investigation done in this report.

What you have done is the equivalent of going to the tobacco industry to consult their opinion on the safety of smoking, circa 1990. And you bought the party line!!

Your attack on Dr. Huggins, and one sided approach to this topic, is extremely disheartening. A great disservice to humanity.

You need to go down a few layers, looking at underlying scientific facts, and the motivations of all the players, and not just attack Dr. Huggins using other peoples opinions. Opinions from people who have a conflicting interest.

This issue is not just about Dr. Huggins. He is not the only one who has encountered mercury poisoning in dental patients. Many with mercury knowledge have nothing to do with Dr. Huggins.

There are 100's of millions of people in the industrialized world who have these mercury fillings. The fillings are proven to leak mercury. Mercury is a proven poison.

There is no scientific data to dismiss long term health consequences from the mercury drizzling out of these dental devices. Some people can cope with the mercury escaping from amalgam fillings for their entire life span. Some can't.

I am one who can't. Mercury from amalgams seriously limited my own existence for over a decade. Without the help of Dr. Huggins, I made a dramatic recovery from my own health problems by removing the mercury fillings, and detoxifying my body.

Here is my challenge. Search the internet. Look at the reports and listings from people all over the world, review the scientific references cited.

Consider what the ADA and the health organizations have to lose. Consider the incredible potential liability presented by all those mercury dental fillings that have been placed in peoples mouths under their authorization.

Look broader than Dr. Huggins. Get specific about the scientific facts from both sides of the question. Don't accept anyone's unsupported opinion, no matter how official.

While you challenged Dr. Huggins to present proof that mercury from fillings was causing illness, you didn't challenge the dental industry to come forth with their proof that there was no health threat.

If you looked into those official reports you cited, you will find opinions, not proof.

You settled for opinions, opinions motivated to look at the problem in just one self interested way.

As it stands, there has been no objective scientific proof presented that mercury amalgam dental fillings are safe.

There is substantial evidence that mercury is a culpable organic toxin.

Comparing mercury to chlorine, as one of your experts did, is ludicrous.

Many substances we need in small or trace amounts are poisonous in large quantities. Yet we can't even exist without them. Your ability to digest food is in part governed by the hydro-chloric-acid in your stomach. A compound containing chlorine atoms.

Yet mercury atoms have no beneficial organic application other than as a poison to kill unwanted biota.

Mercury is known to hamper, hinder, and disrupt functions of hormones, enzymes, and other compounds bearing thiols (sulfur-hydrogen groups). There is compelling scientific evidence that the metal has severe implications for the human immune system.

Mercury vapor is not the only mercury threat from mercury fillings, and may in fact not be the most significant one away from the dental drill.

Please consult my web site at:


This web site represents one persons struggle with, recovery from, and quest for understanding of dental filling caused mercury poisoning.

If you are interested in doing honest, unbiased journalism, then look at what's behind the opinions of the established interests, their motivations, and how they don't line up with actual proven facts.

Accept my challenge, and do a real investigation.

After reading the information on the internet, get back to me. I'm ready to present another view for you to consider, in person. I can guide you through information you will never garner from talking to the ADA.

I can lead you to knowing people. People who are studying mercury in scientific disciplines not funded, or under the influence of the dental industry.

Systematic, mercury-toxin exposure from dental fillings to entire generations of people is one of the biggest health debacles ever.

Wittingly, or unwittingly, you have just aided in perpetuating a huge mistake, and are now in the position of helping to actively cover it up.

I pray to God your error was an unwitting one, and that you will promptly remedy it with an honest examination of the actual scientific facts.


Jeff Clark

Dear Reader,

It is not too late to express yourself to Dateline-NBC.
Together we need to challenge them to do an honest investigation now that they have opened the mercury fillings can of worms, and have taken a flawed position.

By clicking the following link, you will open a window where you can e-mail Dateline your request for an honest investigation of the hazards of mercury dental fillings!
Be sure to let Dateline know you think the ADA took them hook, line, and sinker. Tell them their credibility as a serious, unbiased news team is under question!!

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