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 Wilma's Excellent CFIDS CFS Fibromyalgia Page - Gateway to TAV's CFS Web Ring

Treating CFS with Amino Acids - It will work, and they have demonstrated it!

Immune Related Resources - Mercury can cause all of these....did you see the abstracts on my pages ? and they have more related topics linked, a very good page indeed.

Zucchelli Better Health Center

Short Book Review: "The Canary and Chronic Fatigue" - Majid Ali, MD
Dr. Ali has a theory that all chronic fatigue at root is a failure of cell level oxidation processes. He contends all the viral and fungal problems PWC's experience are opportunistic, and would not be there if we didn't have this disruption going on.

Pros: He doesn't go on about mercury poisoning nearly as much as I do, he still leaves me a niche. I think he is on to some fundamental concepts. The biological attackers of CFS peoples bodies are the symptoms, not the cause. You know I warm to this idea.

Cons: He doesn't specifically explore the many sources of disruptive cellular intoxification he makes allusions about.     

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