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Alliance For Public Accountability Supports CFMR

Monday, February 17, 1997


Ottawa-- The Alliance For Public Accountability is fully supporting "Canadians For Mercury Relief" , the organization formed to seek remedy on behalf of Canadians who have received Amalgam Dental Fillings containing as much as fifty percent Mercury.

"We applaud the efforts of CFMR", states Michelle Brill Edwards M.D., formerly of the Health Protection Branch of Health Canada. "We have been working alongside the members of CFMR in recent months and believe that it is imperative that their message be heard, as it affects so many Canadians. Citizens have a right to know the potential risks they are taking in using Mercury Amalgam."

The Alliance's accountability expert, Henry McCandless states "The dental amalgam issue is yet another example of the need for those with regulating responsibilities to apply precautionary principle in decision making. The CFMR has assembled a team of extremely knowledgeable scientists and medical experts on mercury poisoning and they are all in accord, that putting a toxic substance in your mouth is not good for you."

The CFMR has scheduled a NEWS CONFERENCE to be held at the Toronto Offices of Paroian, Raphael, Courey, Cohen & Houston at 10:00 A.M. Thursday February 20, 1997.


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