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All That Glitters Is Not Silver

Monday, February 17, 1997

Toronto -- The silver dental fillings that you have been receiving are comprised of fifty percent mercury and have been exposing you to mercury vapor concentrations in your mouth, that in many cases exceeds The World Health Organizations Safe Occupational Exposure Limits by as much as 1200 %.

The Australian Society of Oral Medicine & Toxicology states that "Mercury is Poisonous. There is no safe form of Mercury in Living Tissue."

As early as 1976, Dr. Pierre Blais (at that time an employee of Health Canada, Medical Devices Bureau) raised serious concerns about mercury exposure from dental "silver/mercury fillings" in an internal government document that stated that "the potential hazards with the product (silver/mercury fillings) are so transparently obvious that we (Government of Canada) cannot even appear to ignore it without attracting ridicule, " yet while mercury thermometers have been removed from hospitals and exposure limits for safety have decreased, mercury fillings continue to be put into the mouths of Canadians from coast to coast.

CFMR has retained the law firm of Paroian, Raphael, Courey, Cohen & Houston to take preliminary steps prior to the commencement of a Class Action lawsuit, that could according to Class Action Specialist Raymond Colautti, become the largest in Canadian History.

"Although there are possibly thousands of Canadians suffering from the adverse health effects related to sensitivity to mercury fillings, the potential class on whose behalf action is being investigated, could conceivably include anyone who received "silver" fillings containing mercury since 1976, putting the size of the class possibly into the millions", states Colautti.

"While we very much wish to involve Canadians in our efforts and solicit their support, we feel that it is equally important to educate Canadians and Dentists alike, as to their options and proper procedures in the removal of mercury amalgams," states Dr. Richard Riley a prominent Huntsville Dentist and member of CFMR. "The last thing we wish to do is incite panic."

A "News Conference" has been scheduled by CFMR at the University Ave., Toronto Offices of Paroian, Raphael, Courey, Cohen & Houston for 10:00 A.M. Thursday February 20.



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