Bumper Sticker Campaign

Here is an exciting opportunity to take your views on mercury fillings off the internet, and into your community.

Since most of the developed world drives cars and has mercury dental fillings, what simpler advocacy than the bumper sticker ? Instead of just driving, you will be giving those largely unaware of their own mercury predicament, something to think about while stuck behind you in traffic.

The two bumper stickers below are available for printing, placing on your automobile, and for giving to friends and family to place on their automobiles. The images you see below are low resolution, reduced size representations of what the finished stickers will look like.

The printable files are in Adobe PDF . You will need Acrobat Reader to use them, a program widely available free of charge. Go to adobe.com to get a copy of Acrobat Reader if you don't have it yet.

These PDF files are sized for excellent printing output at 600 dpi.

The subdued message. The occupants of this car are okay, but are you ?

__PDF, 10k, 3 per sheet, click to download.

Don't pull any punches, get straight to the point !

__PDF, 10k, 3 per sheet, click to download.

How To Make Your Own Bumper Stickers

1. Save the chosen PDF (s) to your hard disk by clicking your selected image above.
2. Choose a color printer. A color ink jet, or a color laser printer, or a trip to Kinko's with disk in hand will do. (I did mine on a Tektronix Color Laser Printer, similar to what you will find at Kinko's.) Kinko's should have everything you need, if you decide to complete this project there.
3. Acquire full page, 8.5" X 11" label stock for your chosen printer, and lamination sleeves for the same size pages. ( I printed mine on Avery 5165 Laser Label Material, and laminated with 3 mil plastic sleeves.)
4. Plan on printing at least two pages, an even number of pages is required if you decide on a larger quantity of stickers. One page of each design, or two pages of the same design, your choice. Each page will produce 3 stickers, so you will be making a minimum of 6 bumper stickers.
5. Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat.
6. Print the pages (vivid color correction is best if you are using the Tektronix Color Laser Printer).
7. Take two of the pages and place them back to back. Image side out, sticky side in. Place them neatly into the lamination sleeve.
8. Insert the sleeve and two pages as assembled into the laminator.
9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 for each pair of label sheets you have printed.
10. Trim laminate away from 3 edges, leaving one of the short edges untrimmed. Cut out the six sticker images (three on each side) with a paper cutter following the 2 dashed lines on either side.
11. Trim the final edge, and pull apart the front and back stickers.
12. Clean the auto's bumper location with soap and water. Allow to dry. Peel label backing and apply the sticker to your bumper. Give the remainder of your stickers to anyone who will proudly display them on their auto.

Congratulations! You are now an advocate against mercury dental fillings. You are boldly speaking your mind in public. You are a democrat exercising your right to free speech. You are a republican upholding the ideals of free nations. You are an agent of change influencing public opinion. You are a defender of humanity. God bless you !

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