Barriers to Treatment for Chronic Mercury Poisoning

There are several serious barriers preventing even the most open minded person from taking appropriate treatment to be rid of chronic mercury poisoning and CFS.

1. Lack of knowledge. There is not widespread awareness that mercury escaping from amalgams is suspect in causing CFS. What you don't know about you can not act upon.

There is a void in the science regarding proof of cause. There is conclusive scientific data showing that mercury is continuously releasing from fillings in every mouth that contains them. There is conclusive scientific data showing similar mercury exposure doing all sorts of horrible things to rodents.

There is no "safe" level of mercury exposure for humans scientifically established, only a guess based on animal studies. What most people hear is that there is no data to prove mercury amalgam causes illness, therefore they must be safe.

There is a marketing effort backed by the ADA to promote the idea that people like me running around suspecting dental mercury as a root cause of illness are a bunch of "kooks". I sincerely appreciate your patience in hearing this "kook" out.

The health care establishment will continue to issue "positioning statements" and other denials through their lawyers. In addition, the dental industry is becoming more aggressive in spreading disinformation and exerting their power to squelch those within their sphere of direct control.

Today, any new food or drug or material that may accidentally be ingested must prove safety scientifically. Mercury amalgam fillings have never had to stand for proper FDA scrutiny. The ADA says it's up to the sick people to prove mercury amalgams are a cause of illness.

I've seen dentists put articles in church bulletins claiming the "amalgam myth" is perpetuated by a few greedy dentists looking to make quick money replacing all your fillings, don't get suckered, keep the mercury fillings.

The ADA has declared it unethical to "remove serviceable amalgams for the purpose of treating systemic illness". They aren't just barking, there is bite.

They have successfully removed the license to practice dentistry from the most outspoken dentist in America.

Hal Huggins DDS is a pioneer in clinical work with amalgam caused illness and the author of the book "It's All in Your Head". To the ADA he is enemy #1. The ADA has declared the world flat. How dare Hal Huggins contend in public that it might in fact be round.

Mercury is #3 on the EPA's list of environmental toxins, and there are super fund sites all over this country because of that status. The ADA is working to make it illegal for you to remove the mercury toxin from your own mouth.

Just such a law making it illegal for anyone to remove "serviceable amalgams" has been passed in Minnesota. By the way, it is legal to have an abortion in Minnesota.

2. Breach of Trust. After being presented with accurate, incomplete, or slanted information, a person then has a hard time believing it could be true.

I was incredulous when first presented with the idea. It seemed I had spent my entire life weaving in and out of dentist chairs. Accepting the breach of trust needed to embrace this possibility did not come instantly.

My mother prided herself on just a few things in life. One was that she did everything in her power to raise her children to be good people. The other was that she had always put our well being first. She made sure all our needs were met, including modern dental care.

My mother sacrificed to pay for all the mercury amalgam fillings put in our mouths by that shaky handed dentist in Helena, MT. The trust we put in modern dental care turned out to be a horrible, horrible mistake.

For me, disbelieving the breach of trust was overcome by objective data. I had been continuously ill for 11 years. The lab reports demonstrating elevation of mercury levels in my body were the first diagnostic tests that exposed a cause that could make the whole puzzle of my sickness fit together.

There is no other credible source of mercury exposure in my life comparable to the 13 mercury amalgam fillings that I had twice. Mercury amalgam fillings had resided in my mouth for 28 years.

There is a growing number of enlightened dentists across the U.S. who are defying the ADA. These dentists are refusing to install mercury amalgam fillings. They are actively removing "serviceable amalgams" safely from chronically ill people just like me. God bless them.

3. Lack of finances. If you've been through the full gauntlet on the first two barriers, you may be a little tattered. You have been made to worry about jumping to conclusions that the mercury toxin escaping from your fillings is what's making you sick.

Even if you are still game to take a risk and give it a try, as chronically ill people desperate for a cure often are, this barrier may be the one that completely stops you.

A realistic estimate is $10,000 for full recovery treatment including filling replacements and chelation.

If you or your spouse works and has good health insurance, then this has to become a financial priority to make it happen.

"We're not having Christmas or vacation this year, we're getting all of mommies fillings replaced and paying for her chelation treatments. We've heard things both ways on the question of poisoning from those mercury fillings.

Mommies been sick for a very long time, and we are willing to do anything plausible that will make her better."

If you are bedridden, cannot work, have not worked for 5 years, your mate has left you, you have no health insurance, and are living off welfare and charity -- it doesn't matter what you decide about this possible cause of illness. If you cannot come up with $10,000, you cannot get well. I find this predicament dreadful, and sadly true for all too many.

But wait, there is a cheap route, you can have all your amalgam bearing teeth pulled. You will still have to pay a surgeon for the service, if you can talk him into doing it. You will need money for dentures. You will still need money for chelation treatment.

Everyone that was skeptical about you suspecting mercury from your fillings, will conclude that you have finally lost the rest of your mind. Ironically, this is a viable, however ruthless way to regain your mind. I cannot personally advocate this approach, but would be remiss not to mention it.

4. Shortage of knowledgeable MD's and clinics. Somehow you made it past the first three barriers undeterred. Now the question is where to go for treatment. I can only personally vouch for the MD and clinic that treated me in Oregon/Washington.

These kinds of MD's are not well known, and are looked down upon by the establishment MD's. As it stands, there is not current capacity among the competent clinics for all the people with CFS to be treated in a reasonable time frame.

You don't have a good chance at this moment to find someone experienced conveniently located near you. There are only about 135 MD's in 23 states trained in the protocol used to restore my health. The states are listed in my main page under "What Should You Do ?".

I also provide contact information for the clinic that treated me in Portland, Oregon. This clinic gives referrals to these MD's in other states. At this time I am not allowed to publish a directory, sorry.

The issues of treatment may become even worse if you become the experiment for someone new to chelation. An MD who is not connected to the existing clinical knowledge will be doing just that.

Chelation is very trying on the body and can cause other problems if they attempt the "quickie" route. The vitamin and mineral therapy following my DMPS treatment proved essential to recovery. People suspicious or proven to have porphyria or sulfa drug reactions need to be wary of DMPS, a sulfa related compound. Sulfa reactive people have developed severe complications from this substance.

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