My Advocacy on Chronic Mercury Toxicity as a Cause of CFS

A woman named Deborah Wood wrote an editorial in the Oregonian newspaper reflecting her personal experiences with CFS after the book "Oslers Web" was published. Her article was published June 10, 1996. This was approximately 1 year after all of my occlusal mercury amalgam fillings had been replaced and I had finished the 6 DMPS chelation treatments.

She listed off all her symptoms and side effects from CFS. With one exception, early menopause, I had experienced them all in a chronic manner for 11 years. She explained no one knows for sure what causes the illness, nor how to cure it directly. She was/is successfully pursuing life calming, immunity building health alternatives as her strategy for recovery.

The realization came to me at reading her article that I had not experienced any CFS symptoms for some months. A self examination revealed that I had been shamelessly violating my yeast diet, and doing just fine. My weight had increased from 150 -160 pounds a year before, to 180-190 pounds. I'm 6' and medium build, I carry 190 pounds well. I had been having good sleep awaking refreshed daily.

Acknowledging this information rose up into an indignation. I had been sick just like Deborah. Only now I was well. Recovery had crept up on me just as illness had 11 years before. The difference is that I now know what caused the illness, and how to cure it. This web page started as a letter to Deborah Wood. Deborah, thank you for your inspiration !

Now I feel a strong obligation to those I have left behind in illness. I have to get the word out.

If someone had found the cure for cancer, but then kept it only for themselves, it would be an unbelievably selfish, unkind, inconsiderate thing to do.

For at least 500,000 people in the United States, I have demonstrated something almost as meaningful. I know a specific cause and cure for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), a condition believed to have no known cause or cure.

While this should be very good news, it runs into serious trouble immediately. The implications of my recovery are enormous. They run smack into huge vested economic interests that cannot afford to have my story be true, at least not proven scientifically to be true.

The American Dental Industry, including the American Dental Association, every dentist that has ever placed a mercury amalgam filling, the pharmaceutical companies that supply them, and their insurers, have a potential liability that is beyond anyone short of God's ability to address.

For 160 years these economic interests have been responsible for placing mercury, a proven toxin, proven to release from dental fillings, into the mouths of ever increasing numbers of people.

Today the ADA claims 100+ million current patients with mercury amalgam fillings. All recent official ADA statements I've found on amalgam have been written by their general counsel, that is, their head lawyer.

They clearly are concerned about their potential liability. They cannot ever afford to take responsibility for all this mercury contamination they have caused. When it's their lawyer talking on treatment issues, I'm certain I'm listening to their checkbook.

I estimate an average $10,000 per person to replace the mercury fillings with appropriate alternatives, and to provide chelation treatment to reduce accumulated body burdens. For those 100+ million patients, that would result in a price tag of at least $1,000,000,000,000. That is " 1 trillion dollars".

When you start looking at compensation for lost wages, lost quality of life, and possibly even some loss of life, at an average of $1,000,000 per for 500,000 CFS victims, you add a cool $5,000,000,000,000, that's an additional "5 trillion dollars".

Even this estimate is conservative, because chronic mercury toxicity from mercury amalgam fillings is suspect in several other major chronic illnesses besides CFS. Taken together illnesses with a suspected mercury cause represent more than 10 million suffering people.

There is never going to be scientific proof strong enough, no matter how conclusive, to defeat the dental industries lawyers. While this group is well-heeled, enjoying top 8% incomes and lifestyles, many of the people suffering CFS are unemployed, bedridden and destitute.

The priority of the dental industry is clearly to avoid this asteroid scale financial impact. The people suffering CFS and these other illnesses have a different set of priorities.

CFS suffers are worried about losing jobs, health insurance, housing, mates, and base level survival, well ahead of their hopes for a cure.

Having been involved in a different major industry for 14 years, I have some insights to the working of big business. I elicit no hope that the dental industry will allow itself to be held accountable for the illness and threat of illness inflicted by mercury amalgam dental fillings.

My Agenda on this issue is focused on 3 objectives.

1. Get the information to the people who need it most.
Those who are sick with CFS resulting from dental mercury need to be aware of that fact. Advances in scientific knowledge relating CFS to mercury are required to wipe away the barriers preventing these sick people from gaining the cure that is readily available.

2. Outlaw mercury amalgam fillings in the United States of America and the world. A corresponding result of this objective would be to require dental insurance to adequately fund the higher priced alternatives. There is a moral imperative to not extend this tragedy further to the next generations. Already, 67% of todays 12-17 year old's in the United States have mercury amalgam fillings in their teeth.

3. Expand the understanding and capabilities of MD's at large to commonly diagnose and treat chronic mercury toxicity. Currently all work is being done by a small band of courageous, compassionate, open minded health providers. These people take huge professional and financial risks by bucking the medical/dental/pharmaceutical/insurance establishments status quo. Insurance needs to commonly cover detoxification treatment for people shown to have elevated mercury levels and health problems.

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