Dear CFS Sufferer;

Your situation is not unique, and doesn't have to seem hopeless. I too have suffered similarly for a long time. In my case a root cause and solutions have been found!

Now that I am back to good health, I want to share my story with you. I want you to know of my experiences and what I have learned.

Just maybe, the same solutions will help you find a way to reverse your health problems.

Let my story inspire you to keep searching for your own cure.

Never give up hope!


Jeff Clark

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Donna's Demise 01/15/99
   She's been down, but she's not out.

Joanne's Long Journey 10/07/98
   It almost didn't start.

Kathryns Letter to Dateline 10/24/98
   First the Romans, now US ?

Jans Mercury Story 9/28/98
   Putting two and two together.

European Parliment Meeting 12/16/98
   Dental Amalgam issue reaching new awareness !

Interview With Dr. Free 6/11/98
   A mercury free dentist speaks out.

Bumper Sticker Campaign 11/10/97
   Let's take it to the streets!!

Jeff's Mouth of Misery 7-19-97
   A picture tour .

My Tooth! My Tooth! 5-31-97
   WARNING: Gruesome images.

Open Letter to Dateline-NBC 5-17-97
  The ADA took you hook, line, and sinker!!

Bernhard Windham's Mercury Paper 5-5-97
  An impressive collection of facts!

Heidi's Health Odyssey 5-5-97
  Sabine tells a compelling story.

Informed Consent
  An idea whose time is now !

Canadians Form Dental Amalgam Class Action Lawsuit 2-17-97
  Canadians, register for relief.

Canadian Lawsuit has Support 2-17-97
  Dental Amalgam Armageddon in N. America ?

Chelation Safety 2-17-97
  Another important concern.

A Call for Four Experiments 2-17-97
  These four studies will clinch or refute Candida's Fire. Can anyone do them ?

Faith Healing 2-17-97
  Is there any other kind?

Open Letter to Dentists 2-17-97
  First do no harm!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Links
  Gateways to where the organized and published sufferers hang out.

Mercury Amalgam Links
  A selection of very good pages.

Candida Links
  Candida albicans links on the web.

NW Center For Environmental Medicine
  The clinic where the first MD to treat me for mercury poisoning can be found.

Mercury detoxification - natural, convenient, safe.

Why I Went Into Business6/1/98
It's true, I've gone commercial.

Join the HgRing M E R C U R Y  M A Z E
Generate more traffic!
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  • My CFS Story 2-17-97
      11 years of no cause and no cure.

    How I Was Cured 2-17-97
      Step by step on what I did.

    Health Updates 7-14-98
      Finally, truly mercury free.

    MY Before and After Photos12-09-98
      Located in my letter on the CFS Nutrition website.

    MELISA® Test - Personal Results12-29-98
      Discussion, and my personal test results.

    What Should You Do? 12-09-98
      Things to think about, things to consider.

    My Advocacy 2-17-97
      After all this, I can't just sit back.

    Barriers to Treatment 2-17-97
      They are real, high, and intimidating.

    Disclaimers 2-17-97
      Understand what you are viewing

    Intellectual Honesty 2-17-97
      Let's seek the truth, lives are at stake!

    Scientific Data on Dental Amalgam 2-17-97
      Amalgam mercury comes out and goes in you, so what ?

    Where Does the Mercury Go? 2-17-97
      An essay .

    Safe Amalgam Removal 2-17-97
      Go for the clean removal!

    Nutritional Therapy 2-17-97
      A brief introduction., solid recommendations.

    Battling Chronic Yeast 2-17-97
      A very important war, arm yourself.

    The In's and Outs of Amalgam Removal 2-17-97
      What if I don't have money for the whole leap?

    Candida's Fire 2-24-97
      A system hypothesis of my CFS experience.

    Mercury Releases From Amalgams 2-25-97
      There is no doubt about it!

    Mercury Absorption, Accumulation and Excretion 2-17-97
      Humans are not compatible with mercury.

    Mercury Effects on the Immune System 2-17-97
      Your immune system goes first.

    Methyl Mercury and Microorganisms 2-17-97
      CFS is not all in your head, it 's in your gut's too!

    Candida Yeasts, Pathogens 2-17-97
      These plants are animals!

    Colonic Absorption 2-17-97
       Methyl mercury absorption is obvious.

    The Following Pages are Found on The CFS Nutrition Website:
    Dental Mercury Exposure 10/11/98
       You want scientific proof ?

    MELISA Test for Metal Allergy 10/11/98
       You want compelling scientific evidence for cause and effect ?

    Join the Metals E-mail Discussion List
       Open to everyone who has questions and information to share

    Yes, I Am Available to Speak 2-17-97

    Thank's for Stopping By! 2-17-97
      Farewell, a request, and how to e-mail me.

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