About Our Secure Order Page...


Your security and privacy are important to us, we guard both vigorously.

We have chosen to not use shopping cart software with "cookies", live data stored on your computer . People have differing views on "cookies". Some feel they are innocuous, and an acceptable security and privacy risk. Others view them as an unacceptable invasion of computer security and privacy.

We have implemented our secure order page to minimize your wait time, without sacrificing graphics, while maintaining your security. All personal information you submit is transmitted to our sever securely by means of encryption.

If you need proof of security before proceeding, just click the submit button at the bottom of the page before entering any data into the form. Notice that the submitted URL starts out "https://", this means the submit is to a secure server with encryption. An unsecured URL starts out "http://", the 's' literally means secure to your browser and the server.

You will also notice on the page returned from "submit" that all of your browsers indicators are showing a secure connection was used.

If you are still uncomfortable submitting a secure transaction on-line, call our toll free phone number 1-888-801-CFSN to place your order.

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