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The big C, it puts fear into all of our hearts. There is a trace mineral called Selenium. It is not evenly distributed in the soils. Many places, including the northwest US, are nearly devoid of it.

Some health scientists are beginning to wonder if some cancers might be in part a selenium deficiency disease. Selenium is an essential component of a human antioxidant enzyme supporting the immune system, Glutathione Peroxidase. Selenium levels in soil and patients have been inversely correlated with cancer incidence rates, and cancer mortality rates. The lower the Selenium, the higher the chance of getting and dying from certain cancers.

An intriguing example is the plentiful distribution of Selenium in Japanese soil, and the extremely low rate of breast cancer among the women living there.

Explore our Scientific References Page for startling medical journal references on the mineral Selenium.

For easier reading on the Selenium connection to cancer, you might consider the book Selenium against Cancer and AIDS by Dr. Richard Passwater, available from us.

Being a micro-trace mineral, more is not always better, it can become bad. The body doesn't regulate this mineral like it does copper, iron, calcium, magnesium, etc.. You can achieve toxicity by taking too much. Not enough is bad, too much is bad. A quality supplement taken no more than once a day assures over time that you are in the range for good health.

We know from witnessing friends and relatives that once cancer gains a start in a person, the available choices are bad and even worse.

The healthy, well nourished body seems to have natural defenses against cancer. Carcinogens are dutifully detoxified and excreted, and the immune system is prompt in devouring suspicious cells.

For good health nutrition not left to chance, we recommend our Defense & Replenish combination.

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