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Alcohol is not evil. When observing the behavior of some alcoholics, it is easy to see why some people think it is evil.

Moderate, non-compulsive consumption of wines has long been associated with good health. In the days before refrigeration, wine with a meal had an antiseptic effect on microorganisms that got to the food before the people did. Today we know wine pigments have important antioxidant properties.

For alcoholics, it is a nemesis. Alcohol abuse depletes the body of minerals and vitamins, and Glutathione. Over the years the liver can be made severely dysfunctional and damaged. Unrestrained, alcoholism is an eventual cause of death.

For science journal references on alcohols affect on the body and health, visit our Scientific References page.

A susceptible person has to learn to control the addiction and completely avoid alcohol.

Regaining nutritional health is just as important for long life. Nutrients can rebuild the body, and the liver can heal itself. Milk Thistle Herb has been shown to be an effective liver protector, and stimulator for liver regeneration.

We sympathize, and empathize with everyone who has had a loved one afflicted by this addiction.

Sometimes the addict is reinforced in their behavior by the belief they have already destroyed their body beyond repair. We say never give up hope. The body has many mysteries yet to be revealed, and an under appreciated ability to renew itself.

The fuel for repair and renewal is of course nutrition. Drugs have a hard time replacing the full extent of chemical miracles performed by the living body as it strives for health.

We propose that our Defense & Replenish be considered as part of a program for building up nutritional health in the recovering alcoholic.

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