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House Water Filter Kit #1
Undersink Water Filter

Shower Filter

Refrigerator Filter


1- OT32 Undersink Filter

1- SF100 Shower Filter

1- RIM300 Refrigerator Filter

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House Kit #1 Replacement Filters

Reduce your exposure to water borne chemicals in drinking, cooking, refrigerated, and shower water.

Carbon block water filtration makes your coffee, tea, juice and cooked foods taste the way they should.

Activated charcoal makes your ice cubes taste better and removes the odor from your shower water.

More economical, environment friendly and convenient than reverse osmosis or distillation - carbon block and activated charcoal filtration diminish the long term chemical exposure found in nearly every treated water system in the USA - chlorine and chloroform.

Carbon block filtration severely diminishes toxic metals and a considerable number of other chemicals that can also be found contaminating drinking water systems.

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